Purzue Announces the Official Launch of Its "Smart" Multimedia Job Poster for Employers and Recruiters

Boring and mundane job posts get a facelift.

Woodbridge, NJ, August 22, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Purzue, one of the most innovative career sites in the world, is pleased to announce the launch of its Smart Multimedia Job Poster. Packed with flexible, feature-rich interactive content, Purzue job postings offer the most unique and creative way for company branding today. Cloud-based and optimized for mobile experience, Purzue’s stylish postings revitalize a stagnant hiring process and are designed for portability and connectivity, while allowing employers to truly showcase their companies’ brand. With vivid text, captivating graphics and colors, stylish maps, social sharing functionality and multimedia components, companies are able to attract and engage talent in the most unique manner. Furthermore, employers can post on Purzue’s advanced job board and have their posts propagate to other top job sites simultaneously. These features, enhanced by the exclusive Face2FaceTM video interviewing tool, erase all barriers between employers and candidates.

“The hiring process has become complex beyond all measure and the entire experience is lacking in efficiency and simplicity. With so many twists, turns, and dead-ends in the process, one can easily get lost in all of the noise,” says Richard Zeitz, CEO.

Purzue knows there’s a better way - a way to simplify the route and cut to the core of the hiring process. Purzue guides job seeking professionals, employers, and recruiters down a seamless path, so they can connect and interact in ways never before seen. The result: a smart, simple hiring process that saves both time and money. Purzue is transforming the hiring landscape forever as it weaves these two worlds together, in a way that nobody else is doing.

About Purzue
Purzue, a startup launched in January 2012, is an exciting, interactive career site and job board, focused on Smart multimedia resumes and Smart job postings. Job seekers separate themselves from the pack while being equipped with the most flexible resume builder and career tools available. Employers and recruiters are given the ability to efficiently post jobs in a fresh and engaging style while attracting top talent, in ways never before done.
Richard Zeitz