Take the Stress of Head Lice Off Your Back to School List

Hair Whisperers Screens for and Kills Lice and Nits in One Appointment

Los Angeles, CA, August 21, 2012 --(PR.com)-- For busy parents in the midst of the back to school rush, the last thing they want to deal with is a bout of head lice. Hair Whisperers offers head lice screenings and in-home removal services throughout Southern California. Armed with the LouseBuster, they can kill both lice and nits in a single treatment and utilize their years of manual removal to thoroughly remove the debris.

"The back to school bump in head lice cases is due to summer activities like camps, sleep overs, and sports or recreational activities where public helmets and equipment are shared,” said Amy Goldreyer, Founder or Hair Whisperers. “When parents don’t recognize the signs of lice, their kids go to school where the case of lice is usually detected."

Hair Whisperers has successfully treated head lice in Southern California since 2006. Using manual removal which had been the safest and most effective removal process for years, Hair Whisperers adopted the latest technology in the battle against head lice. Using the FDA-cleared LouseBuster device, Hair Whisperers nit-pickers can now kill over 95% of louse and eggs in one single treatment followed by a thorough combing.

The type or length of hair does not impact effectiveness of this lice treatment as long as the hair can be combed through with a standard comb. “For kids suffering from a severe case of lice, our treatment can save parents time, money and stress by getting rid of lice in one treatment, not a series of appointments,” adds Goldreyer.

Head lice is a fact of life for families year round. Hair Whisperers offers lice awareness and education presentations, school screenings, helpful “proof of lice” material for schools and parents, and the “Is it Lice” iPhone app to assist parents who are trying to check for and identify lice on their own. The goal of Hair Whisperers is to educate communities and reduce the stigma of head lice.

About Hair Whisperers – The Hair Whisperers was established in 2006 by Amy Goldreyer to help families get rid of lice in the comfort and privacy of their home. Service areas include Northern & Southern California. Their head lice treatment does not use chemicals and they do not sell any products claiming to eradicate lice. Instead, they use natural products to aid in the manual removal of lice and nits. For more information about Hair Whisperers services or the LouseBuster™ device, call 800-319-8751 or visit HairWhisperers.com.
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