Inflatable Marketing Tips on a Budget from Jungle Jumps

Pacoima, CA, August 22, 2012 --( The goal for any inflatable business is to try to stretch your advertising and marketing dollar as far as possible. The following are some budgetary tools you can use to promote your business.

Parents’ Magazines. Running an ad in a parents’ magazine is a great way to stretch your dollar and ad longevity. Magazine are generally kept for quite some time and re-circulated among parents, giving your ad additional exposure. The key is to design an ad that will stand out from the competition and make your company look different.

Neighborhood Signage. Posting neighborhood signs will give you plenty of local coverage at a very low cost. Choose high-traffic areas for even more exposure. Make sure to check with your local ordinances before placing your signs.

Door Hangers. This is another economical way to let local residents know about your business. Keep in mind that door hangers are generally not kept, unless the recipient is in the market for your product. To make the most of this type of marketing, make sure your fliers are economically produced, but still professional looking.

Magnets. Magnetic business cards with your contact information are something that your customer can use. Keeping your information in front of them every day is a great way to retain customers.

Vehicle Magnets. Take advantage of the free advertising space on your company vehicles. The more you travel, the more your company name and contact information gets out there.

Sponsorships. Local sponsorships are another great way to get your business in the spotlight, and in a favorable light. Consider sponsoring a Little League sports team to target prospective customers.

Craigslist. Listing your business and services on Craigslist is like getting a free listing in your local newspaper’s classified section. Take the time to select the right board and categories for your listing for the maximum exposure.

Day Cares. Local day cares are also great for getting your business name in front of your target audience. While, most inflatables are not appropriate for children under age 3 many times the family may have older siblings.

Whatever marketing methods you choose for your business, adults and children alike love inflatables! You just need to get your business name out there.
Jungle Jumps
Stephanie Baldwin