Tandem Law Supports Right to Buy Mortgage Claims

A North West Law firm has launched a dynamic website - righttobuymortgageclaims.com - aimed at council home buyers across the UK who may have been victims of professional negligence.

Manchester, United Kingdom, August 23, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Not enough media attention has been paid to the shocking abuses the Right To Buy system has suffered over the past decade - a lack of attention that might arguably be due to media social snobbery and the cultural conditions of the areas where these properties were purchased.

What has Professional Negligence got to do with buying a Council Home?

The Right to Buy scheme currently gives council and social housing tenants a legal right to buy their home.

Approximately 2 million council homes have been purchased under the scheme since 1980. During that decade, however, the Right to Buy scheme was misused. [Jones, Colin & Murie, Alan. The Right to Buy: Analysis & Evaluation of a Housing Policy (Blackwell Publishing Ltd., 2006).]Indeed, it was only in 2005 that the Financial Services Authority slowly began to regulate the buying of council homes, which until then had occurred without any state intervention.

Professional Negligence
The abuse centred mainly on brokers charging excessive fees which were taken out of clients' discounts, either without their knowledge, or after having been incorrectly explained. While this was not illegal activity, it was, however, professional negligence both on the part of the broker and the solicitors involved. [Principles for Social Housing Reform, Localis, 2009. Retrieved 13 January 2012.]

Mike Fong, Head of Technical and Legal Practice at Tandem Law, says, "Thousands of people, right across the UK instructed their solicitors to help them achieve their dream of buying their own homes - and those solicitors failed their clients."

"Tandem Law are at the forefront of this search for justice, to fight for our clients' interests - to get them the compensation they so richly deserve, and help restore the public's trust in our profession."

The price of negligence: thousands of pounds
Tandem Law have the resources and expertise to look back 10 years or more, to when a person purchased their council home, and ascertain whether or not they lost thousands of pounds.

There are horror stories of homeowners buying multiple council homes and struggling to make mortgage payments because payments were higher than the value of the house through the negligence of brokers. Fortunately, most cases are a question of a broker having charged a client approximately £5000 - £10000 in excessive fees. The positive news is that this could be claimed back.

Tandem Law does what it does because no matter the situation, place, or time, justice is truly important to them.

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