Small New Zealand Business Reduces E-Waste by Building Sustainable Printers

In this age of cheap, disposable products, one visionaries commitment to sustainability has led him to collect e-waste and rebuild products for maximum lifecycle usage.

Auckland, New Zealand, August 23, 2012 --( In an age where the worlds population is growing exponentially, and so is the worlds garbage pile, a small business in New Zealand is contributing to sustainability in their own small way, by recycling laser printers for re-release to the local market.

Rather than see printers expired before their used by date, Reefs rescue unwanted products, fit them with brand new parts and send them back into the market - fully refurbished and ready for a new life. This maximizes the lifecycle of the product and contributes positively to the environment, not to mention the economical benefits for the new owner.

Reefs CEO Paul McGrath's commitment to sustainability, led to him founding the company as an answer to the current wave of cheap, throwaway printers that have flooded the market (the world's garbage piles). "Because of the ever decreasing cost of new laser printers, more people replace rather than repair," says Paul. "For the same amount of money or less, buyers will receive a better quality printer from us. A lot of the new inexpensive printers are not designed to last as long as the business printers we refurbish," he says.

Paul McGrath insists sustainability is inherent to the psyche of any electronics engineer. "The very nature of the job we carry out is to find a way to fix or repair an electronic product rather than just trashing it," says Paul.

Reefs has been servicing, repairing and refurbishing printers and electronics for 16 years.

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