New Portable Fuel Tank Cleaning System by ALGAE-X International, the TK 240-XT

Most engine performance problems start in the tank and the root of the issue lies in the condition of your fuel. If your system is not operating at its peak potential, learn about your system issues and discover how to obtain reliability.

Fort Myers, FL, August 24, 2012 --( ALGAE-X International (AXI), a Florida-based manufacturer of diesel fuel quality optimization technology, announces today the release of the TK 240-XT Portable Fuel Tank Cleaning and Fuel Transfer System. The TK 240-XT is the ideal solution to remove sludge and water from smaller diesel tanks while optimizing fuel quality at the same time. With a compact footprint, the TK 240 is light-weight, easy to handle, and convenient for owners of trucks, RVs, generators, farm equipment, boats and other diesel-powered engines.

“The TK 240-XT uses AXI’s ALGAE-X 500 Fuel Conditioner to optimize fuel quality for peak engine performance, greater reliability and less pollution. The pump on this new system has a flow rate that’s 33% faster than its predecessor, the TK 180-XT. Tanks can be cleaned and fuel optimized more quickly than ever before,” said Wout Lisseveld, AXI’s CEO.

AXI designed the TK 240-XT System around a self-priming 240 GPH nickel-plated brass gear pump using quality filtration components connected by corrosion-resistant stainless steel plumbing. To ensure optimal filter service life, a pressure gauge is installed on the filter housing. Available filter elements include stainless steel screens, particulate and water block elements.

The TK 240-XT System includes:
• ALGAE-X 500 Fuel Conditioner
• 15 micron water block filter
• inline strainer
• powder coated spill tray and stand with a pump assembly locking clamp
• 13-foot clear suction hose
• 13-foot discharge hose
• pressure gauge
• filter wrench
• AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst concentrate

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AXI’s patented Green Clean Certified Technology and Equipment restores, optimizes, and maintains fuel quality, guaranteeing peak engine performance and reliable power while lowering operating costs. AXI’s commitment to customer service and superior engineering has propelled the company to a leadership position in the market and promoted a more efficient use our planet’s non-renewable resources.

About AXI
AXI is represented across North America and in more than 70 countries worldwide. AXI Fuel Maintenance Systems and Equipment are available through major engine distributors, marine equipment distributors, fuel storage tank manufacturers, and also through factory-trained resellers and representatives.
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