Med-Q Pill Dispenser Aids in Medication Management for Caregivers and their patients

Programmable Pill Dispenser is the key to Medication Management for caregivers and their patients.

Phoenix, AZ, August 27, 2012 --( The Med-Q automated pill dispensers is a great new tool to avoid the problems associated with being a Caregiver. A new patented pending design uses dual alarms to prevent forgetting or double dosing medication has created a huge reaction in the medical field. Some say that missing a few pills a month is a big problem. The truth is that the impact is overwhelming.

Caregivers need all the help they can get in taking care of loved ones. The consequence on the patient and the caregiver is truly staggering. A system was needed to ease the burden and make the caregiver’s job less worrisome and stressful. The solution is the Med-Q Pillbox. Lee Demar, regional Manager for the Med-Q pill dispenser says, "It is the easiest most affordable way to assist you in your Caregiver's Responsibility. Few things will have a greater impact on both your loved ones health and your quality of life." Med-Q's breakthrough technology provides a totally reliable helper companion for your loved ones. Your benefits include reduced stress and worry, saving time and money and just knowing that you are "Doing the Best You Can."

How does Med-Q do this? It is an automatic pill dispenser with alarms. Program to the times you choose and the Med-Q will do the rest. The alarm pill dispenser makes forgetting or double dosing impossible for your loved ones. The first reminder is a bright Flashing LED lights, the second reminder is a loud audio beeping. Working together, Med-Q makes it virtually impossible to forget them to forget medication. A medication reminder that removes the burden from the caregiver and places it on modern technology is an affordable, simple solution.

Some shocking statistic from the Journal Of Applied Research (DEC 2010):

The average caregiver spends 20 hours per week caring for their loved ones, 13% spend more than 40 hours

The average family caregiver spends $5,531 per year in "out of pocket" caregiver expenses

1/3 of Family caregivers care for a Parent

47% of working Caregivers have used up Most or All of their savings providing for loved ones

23% of Family caregivers report their health is fair or poor

Women who are family caregivers are 2.5 times more likely to live in poverty

Med-Q cutting edge technology will finally free you and loved ones from the shocking effects of medication errors. Taking advantage of 21st Century Technology to provide the quality of life style you and your loved ones require. View the operation video at or on You Tube to see how simple and easy Med-Q is to operate.
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