Furnished Quarters Facilitates Increasing Number of Corporate Housing Stays for Entertainment Industry

New York, NY, August 24, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Furnished Quarters announced today that it continues to facilitate an increasing number of Manhattan-based corporate housing stays for the entertainment industry, in conjunction with growing efforts from the City of New York’s Mayor’s Office to meet the city’s media production needs.

The Mayor’s Office now offers a dedicated portion of the NYC.gov website specifically to assist the entertainment industry with business logistics, providing information on permits, grants, vendor discounts, and FAQs. Furnished Quarters has provided specialized service to the entertainment industry since its inception in 1998, and has now ramped up its efforts still further in light of the actions of the Mayor’s Office.
With production offices in the SoHo and Tribeca areas of New York City, Furnished Quarters—which is an independently owned and operated provider of furnished apartment rentals both nationally and globally—identifies new furnished apartment inventory in neighborhoods nearby. The company now offers a greater number of apartments below 23rd Street in Manhattan—the ideal location for film sets—than any other furnished rental company.

“We have more inventory in the areas that the entertainment industry wants to be in than any other temporary housing provider in the city,” says Craig Partin, Vice President of Sales at Furnished Quarters.

Partin notes that Furnished Quarters is highly experienced in catering to the unique needs of all aspects of the entertainment industry, from television and film productions to music and theater. The company is the exclusive corporate housing provider to a wide array of moderately priced luxury residences in top buildings around New York City that are ideal for housing entertainment production groups.

“It seems that no matter where you go in New York City on any given day, you’ll run across a movie set and filming,” adds Patrycia Melkowska, Corporate Sales Manager at Furnished Quarters. “The growth in the number of movies and TV shows being filmed in Manhattan is astounding, and Furnished Quarters has become the go-to provider for luxury furnished temporary apartments for both cast and crew.”

For more information, contact Eric Uzzo, Vice-President of Marketing, 212-367-9400, ext. 4333, or email Eric.Uzzo@furnishedquarters.com.

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