New Timeshare Industry Autobiography Set to Stir Controversy

Author Claire Booth writes an extraordinary account as she rises above a broken childhood to forge an 18 year career in the shared ownership industry.

London, United Kingdom, August 24, 2012 --( The release of the book The Timeshare Bible and Me, Volume One by author Claire Booth details the life of a woman who survives the pain of a broken childhood to stumble into the world of timeshare sales – a world full of intrigue, deceit and dysfunctional relationships that exposes the secrets of a multi-billion pound global holiday industry.

An 18 year veteran of the timeshare industry, Claire Booth takes the reader on an incredible journey through the controversial world of timeshare – good and bad. Her autobiography describes an extraordinary journey through an industry that is, at times, wonderful and yet deceptive. A complete guide that will appeal to developers and marketers, but touching on the personal side of the business with its unexpected romantic liaisons.

“Within this book, you will learn a lot more about the, let’s call it the timeshare world. In the last 18 years, I’ve worked in many different countries in a variety of companies but all within the timeshare industry - working with some amazing, scary and very powerful people. Their names are changed to protect me from being sued,” Booth said.

This book is must-read material for anyone who has bought, or who is thinking of buying, a timeshare product and wants a look behind the curtain of an industry worth an estimated US$14 billion in sales annually.

For marketers, read about the sales techniques, tie-downs and the secrets of the OPC game. For the hard working people who make their living at this game every day, see the tricks of the trade as the sales people head into the battle ground of the sales floor. For those looking for the seedy side of the industry, you’ll be shocked to learn about the physical and emotional abuse that takes place behind the scenes.

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