Rocky Bleier and Son, Adri Bleier, Form Bleier Zagula Financial to Help Safeguard Pittsburgh Area Retirees

The growing concern with seniors and baby boomers is how to safely prepare for retirement in these volatile economic times. Enter local sports hero, Vietnam vet, concerned citizen and business man, Rocky Bleier.

Pittsburgh, PA, August 27, 2012 --( In November of last year Rocky teamed up with his son, Adri Bleier, and financial and estate planner Matt Zagula to form Bleier Zagula Financial. The firm specializes in assisting local retirees and pre-retirees in navigating the road to a safe retirement in this turbulent economy.

Rocky believes that he has found a gaping hole in traditional retirement plans. Together with his son and Mr. Zagula, he is convinced that he has the resources to fix the problem. His firm, located in Greentree, invites guests for a complimentary financial review and offers a different vision from traditional retirement planning.

Rocky says, “Our team here at Bleier Zagula is dedicated to helping Pittsburgh area residents find a safer way to retire. I’m afraid that the current financial instability of our country will crush the retirement dreams of my generation. I can’t stand by and let that happen; it’s just not in my nature. Utilizing the new money lessons that I have learned, we are confident that our clients can relax and enjoy their golden years.”

Adri Bleier commented, saying; “It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to teach people a different way of preparing for retirement. To be able to help when so many people don’t know where to turn. These people feel the ground trembling beneath them but don’t know where to run.”

Rocky has recently published a book on the subject, “Don’t Fumble Your Retirement - New Money Lessons Learned by Four Time Super Bowl Champion Rocky Bleier” and is joined by his son, Adri, weekly on 104.7FM every Sunday from 12:30pm to 1:30pm for their radio show “The Rock on Retirement Radio Show.”

About Matt Zagula
Matt Zagula has spent almost twenty years helping retirees. Mr. Zagula specializes in estate and eldercare planning and is the founder of the The Estate and Eldercare Planning Center, First Financial Partners, and The Veterans Benefit Institute, an organization that is dedicated to helping our country’s veterans receive the benefits that they deserve.

About Bleier Zagula Financial
Preserve Your Wealth, Plan for Your Future, that is the motto of Bleier Zagula Financial. Established in November of 2011, the firm brings two families together: The Bleier family and the Zagula Family. Rocky with the help of his son Adri Bleier, head up the financial division while Matt Zagula and sister Pam handle the Estate Planning and legal end of the business. Also known as “BZ,” the firm is easily located off of route 376 at the Greentree Road Exit directly behind the Olive Garden Restaurant.

Bleier Zagula Financial
969 Greentree Road, Suite 320
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Bleier Zagula Financial
Adri Bleier