A. B. Nicholas Announces Key Partnership with Seattle-based Franchise Consulting Firm Business Alliance Inc.

Business Alliance to Offer ABN LeverageLine Securities-based Credit Lines

Washington, DC, August 26, 2012 --(PR.com)-- With finance options for prospective franchise owners still an obstacle course and ever-rising collateral demands by banks even for those with superior credit, A. B. Nicholas’s LeverageLine™ institutional credit line program for owners of stocks, bonds, and other securities has been a breath of fresh air.

Now the K Street-based securities finance firm has embarked on a program designed to make its SIPC-insured credit lines available to leading franchise consulting firms and today announced a strategic partnership with the well-known 20-year-old firm Business Alliance, Inc. The move is expected to put LeverageLine financing in the hands of thousands of prospective franchise owners who might otherwise fail in their quest to buy their own business.

ABN Director of Business Development Don Johnson—a 13-year veteran of the franchise industry as a principal with Diamond Financial Services of New Jersey, said that he sees financing against non-traditional assets like securities to be the wave of the future. “LeverageLine will help sell more franchises by offering franchisees a fast, 2-week, low-rate alternative funding solution no matter their overall requirements.”

Johnson noted that “Business lending is still way too tight and is unlikely to open up much for the foreseeable future, even for SBA loan seekers.” LeverageLine in the hands of franchise-buying clients fills a void in the franchise financing process with speedy funding via a major institutional bank/brokerage where clients are no longer forced to choose between selling their stocks and letting them sit. Non-U.S. securities are also eligible. Title to the assets never changes with a securities-based credit line, and shares always remain in the client’s solely-owned account.

Individuals holding a wide range of securities need not put their homes, real estate, or other assets at risk. LeverageLine is purely an asset-based loan program, with FDIC-insured cash accounts and a fully regulated, transparent, major U. S. investment bank standing squarely behind the program. Personal credit is neither required nor reported.

As of August 20, 2012, the program is also available in a LIBOR-pegged fixe rate term LeverageLine as well.

Business Alliance is a major U.S. franchise consultancy offering a “one-stop” solution” for those seeking to purchase a franchise business of their own or to expand their existing franchise holdings.

A. B. Nicholas of Washington, D. C. is the nation’s leading provider of credit lines for owners of stocks and bonds.

To learn more about Business Alliance, Inc. please visit their website at www.businessallianceinc.com.

For more information on A. B. Nicholas securities finance and the LeverageLine program, please call Don Johnson, Director of Business Development at 202.379.4744, X2 or write info@abnicholas.com.
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