Reknown Artist Launches Innovative Visual "Field Guides" to the Butterflies of Dating, Attraction and Love with National Giveaway

Austin, TX, August 26, 2012 --( Taking a clue from the ever popular nature field guides, an Austin innovator and artist' publishing company, "Dreamstream Productions Publishing," has come out with a visual icon style field guide to the biochemicals involved in dating, attraction, love and human sexuality in a national giveaway on Amazon's Kindle. Human biochemistry is typically an obscure and incomprehensible science for many, yet every male or female who's ever been in love intuitively knows that if they feel no "chemistry" the relationship is going to go nowhere. So visual artist Dan Terry, in collaboration with science journalist David Mandios developed a series of books for Amazon's Kindle platform that explains in simple visual terms and layman's language the science of love's "butterflies" in a series call "Becoming Her Sex God's Guide to Butterflies: The Chemistry of Attraction, Sex and Love". Each hormone, pheromone and neurotransmitter is defined and explained in easy to understand language but what makes this series of four books different is the visual icon system that summarizes each of the body's love chemicals in terms of what it is, what it does, whether it's in males or females, what body systems it affects and how it affects mood and or actions. The four books cover respectively: the body's chemistry, the effects of medications and drugs on those, foods, herbs & spices with aphrodisiac properties and supplements that address libido and attraction, and how to use behaviors and actions to shift the body chemistry to set the 'butterflies of love' into motion. Thousands of the books are being given away during the test launch on Amazon to test the innovative approach in the dating and human relationship market.
Dreamstream Productions Publishing
Dan Terry
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