Med-Q Anounces an Automatic Pill Dispenser Designed Specifically for the Deaf

A programmable pill dispenser that reminds the deaf user with a series of flashing LED lights to make forgetting medication Impsossible.

Phoenix, AZ, August 28, 2012 --( Med-Q has created a life saving pillbox for the deaf and hard of hearing. The World Health Organization states, "Up to 90% of people forget to take their medication on a daily basis." The consequences are shocking. Most current programmable pill dispensers notify the users with an audible alarm. Users who are deaf or hard of hearing do not hear the audible reminder and forget to take their medication. They have needed a product to help ensure their health and Quality of Life. The Med-Q is the 21st century technological solution.

Over 125,000 people die needlessly each and every year (The Journal of Applied Research (Dec 2011). 1 out of 10 hospital visits is because a pill dispenser is not used and the errors lead to this result (The Journal of Applied Research (Dec 2011). 1 in 4 nursing homes patients are the direct result of not meeting the need for an automated pill dispenser (The American Hospital Association).

The MED-Q pill box dispenser has taken on this problem using 21st century technology, a system of a pill timer with pill alarms to address the problem. When the pillbox is programmed, the individual medication box will start to flash at the set time. In addition a loud alarm will beep, getting louder, until the user has taken his or hers pills. Simply place in a visible spot and the MED-Q does the rest. It has become an indispensable aid for the deaf and audio impaired.

MED-Q is a medication reminder that is the first step in solving the non-compliance problem. The video can be viewed on you tube @ MED-Q pill box dispenser.

Lee DeMar
Med-Q Pill Dispenser with bright flashing Lights
MED-Q Pillbox Dispenser
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