QArea Basketball Players Are the Silver Winners of the BaskITball Summer IT Cup

Beverly Hills, CA, August 29, 2012 --( On August, 21th the BaskITball Summer IT Cup was held. The competition was organized by Zfort Group and took place at Metallist stadium in Kharkov. There were 12 teams representing different IT companies of Kharkov.

The members of the Cup were the following companies: QArea, Ciklum, NIX Solutions, CS, ProfIT, GlobalLogic, Zfort Group, TELLUR, DataArt, FulcrumWeb, DBBest, Sigma Ukraine.

Right after the opening ceremony and draw all the teams rushed into the fight for a way out to the play-off. In fact, every game took place in a struggle, but, nevertheless, friendly atmosphere prevailed, supported by good music and good weather.

Teams came to the quarterfinals with more serious attitude, because now there was no room for error and they had to win to continue their presence in the struggle.

Quarterfinal draw pairs formed by the following:
Zfort Group - Sigma Ukraine
QArea - ProfIT
Ciklum (Kiev) – CS
NIX Solutions – GlobalLogic

Each game has left a lot of impressions and memories. The fans jumped from their seats every time their team scored.

Final game was reached by the teams of QArea and Ciklum.

After a short rest, the final game began. The game for third place between the teams of NIX Solutions and Zfort Group was one of the most passionate during the Cup.

When the final game was over, the gold prize was owed to the Ciklum team and the silver one was taken by QArea team.

The tournament had a lot of positive feedback from all the teams. Here are some of them:

Team captain DBBest Sergey Mazur: "I represent the team of DBBest. On behalf of the team, I can say that we loved the competition."

Team captain of winners - Ciklum (Kiev) Alex Bubenshchikov: "Thanks to Zfort Group and Kharkov for a great competition! It was a lot of sun, elegant music and good players - all you need for a good mood! Come to Kiev!"

Right after the final game was played captains hit on the idea of the Kharkiv IT-basketball league. Such a league is not yet established, but there is a chance to create it.
Andrew Smith