Shore Thing Marketing's New Retail Client

Shore Thing Marketing is proud to announce the acquisition of a new retail client in Houston, Texas.

South Plainfield, NJ, August 29, 2012 --( Direct Marketing opens communication lines between consumers and businesses. This form of marketing allows for better interaction amongst the parties and has been favorable to all because of its cost effectiveness. Direct marketing also known as the “new mantra,” has taken over business practices as we’ve know them and has opened many doors. Customer relationships are pivotal and a major part of today’s business practices.

Derek will be managing our new retail client in Houston, Texas. In a few short months Derek has progressed within the company and President, Rich Dinella, couldn’t be more pleased. “Derek’s hard work has paid off and its satisfying to see him move up.” In a few short months, Derek has grown into a management role and will be handling Shore Thing Marketing’s seventh location. The company’s goal is to be in ten by the end of 2012.

Hard work is the key to success! Best of luck to Derek and the Houston team!
Shore Thing Marketing, Inc.
Lynette Lapola