2012 Best High School, Crenshaw High, Celebrates and Honors 10 Years of Community, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Scholarship at The Prodigies’, Class of 2002 Reunion

Crenshaw High School’s Class of 2002, The Prodigies, will celebrate their 10-year reunion, in the midst of ongoing celebrations as the 2012 Best High School, as awarded by Steve Harvey’s Annual Hoodie Awards. Attendance will include alumni of all years, including some of the school’s most accomplished entrepreneurs, athletes, scholars, entertainers, leaders and more.

Los Angeles, CA, August 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- On September 2, 2012 Crenshaw High School, the 2012 Best High School Hoodie Award recipient, will celebrate the Prodigies, Class of 2002, 10-year reunion at Margarita Jones, in Pasadena, California. The event will honor the school’s collective examples of excellence in business, leadership, scholarship and community.

The Prodigies, Class of 2002, is one of Crenshaw’s most impactful classes to graduate and leave indelible imprints in the world: having graduated the school’s first Princeton University graduate, a slew of visual and fine artists, designers and entrepreneurs who have created an organic flourishing network, athletes who have represented “The Shaw” in professional leagues overseas in places like Germany, Chile, Uruguay and more and here in the U.S. with teams such as the San Francisco 49ers, entertainers who are gaining local and national presence by putting the West Coast back on the map through their lyrics and performance, while connecting with alums who own one of L.A.’s most popular online radio shows, to having the nation’s next Tiger Woods on the California Golden State Tour to a brewing bunch of attorneys and passionate politicos in State government.

The Reunion will bring together all the dynamic, positive influentials from the Crenshaw community, including the President of Cougar Connection, Michael Grimble, who accepted the 2012 Hoodie Award on behalf of all Crenshaw Alumni, “...from every single alumni that went to Crenshaw High school from Class of 69 to 2012 thank you so much...always give back.” Other invites have been extended to the likes of Danny Griffin, Co-owner of WingStop in the Crenshaw community, the irreplaceable, Coach Willie West, and many more. Cougars in attendance will enjoy a delectable buffet-style dinner, live comedy set by Crenshaw Alum and world-renowned Comedian, Uncle Bubba Loc and musical performances by Class of 2002 Alumni.

The Reunion main event and after-party will be held at Margarita Jones, Restaurant Lounge and Nightclub in Pasadena, California, September 2, 2012. Registration begins at 7pm, with cocktail reception at 8pm. Tickets can be purchased online at, http://crenshawhighreunion2012.weebly.com/, starting at $55. The after-party will be hosted live by one of L.A.’s most popular online radio shows, CaliRadioshow.com, also Crenshaw Alumni. After-party tickets are $25 in advance and this event is open to the public.

About Crenshaw High School:

Crenshaw High opened its door January 28, 1968. Since then, thousands have graduated from this Los Angeles landmark. While being a popular Hollywood set for shows like Moesha, and movies like Love & Basketball, Crenshaw is also known for its stellar athletics departments and for graduating some of the nation’s brightest minds. While all Cougars proudly and boldly tout their royal blue and gold, the vision is to be recognized locally and nationally as a model of collaboration among teachers, parents, administration and the community dedicated to maximizing the educational, socio-emotional development and civic engagement of our students.


Onye Ibekwe, Reunion's Social Chair
Crenshaw High School, Prodigies, Class of 2002
Class of 2002 Reunion
Crenshaw High School Class of 2012 Reunion
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