Cardio-Boxing Program Strives to Teach Kids Healthy Habits

Jermaine Collier, Program Manager of S.A. Mobile Fitness, a charitable program sponsored by United Charitable Programs (UCP), is striving to make a healthier tomorrow for our nation’s children by teaching kids the positive outcome of an interactive healthy lifestyle.

San Antonio, TX, August 29, 2012 --( As a professional physical trainer in San Antonio, Texas, Jermaine Collier saw an alarming trend among school-aged children in his town and surrounding communities: kids are not involved in enough physical activity to stay healthy. Concerned for their well-being, Collier decided to take action.

Through S.A. Mobile Fitness (S.A. stands for “San Antonio”), Collier has designed a 12-week fitness program for both children and adolescents in the vulnerable and underserved populations of San Antonio. This unique program involves a cardio-boxing routine that focuses on decreasing body fat, while keeping participants engaged at least three days a week.

“We believe that healthy and fit adults result from childhood exposure to an organized fitness routine,” said Collier. He believes that this program is just the ticket to get kids moving, and establish healthy and fun exercise habits.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 12.5 million children and adolescents are obese. Lack of physical activity, as well as poor eating habits, may be contributing factors to this epidemic.

Through S.A. Mobile Fitness, Collier aims to conduct fitness clinics that raise awareness of the harm of poor physical fitness with a special focus on preventing obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. All donations to S.A. Mobile Fitness are tax-deductible.

Collier is an expert in fitness and sports with a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Exercise Science from Greensboro College located in North Carolina. He also has six years of professional experience as a physical trainer and is committed to daily physical activity himself.

S.A. Mobile Fitness is sponsored by UCP, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fiscal sponsor of active charitable programs. Through UCP, Collier is able to focus solely on his program’s charitable mission, rather than on the administrative burdens that an independent nonprofit can have. For more information about S.A. Mobile Fitness, please visit their website at

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