Texas Defective Product Lawyers Explain Transvaginal Mesh Risks

The board-certified attorneys at Vujasinovic & Beckcom discuss the troubling history of surgical mesh products and outline complications, warning signs, and next steps for victims.

Houston, TX, August 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), independent panels, researchers, and many medical professionals agree: Transvaginal mesh causes a high rate of complications, injuries, and medical issues, ranging from pain and infection to lifetime disability and death. Yet, surgical mesh is still used in some surgeries to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) and Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)—two conditions that affect a significant number of women each year.

While a small number of women are suited for transvaginal mesh implants and see improvement after POP surgeries and SUI operations, a large number of women have found themselves facing more surgeries, more pain, and more complications after a surgical mesh implant.

What are the possible risks of undergoing an operation involving transvaginal mesh? Surgical mesh was introduced in 2004 and since that time, thousands of doctors have reported the adverse effects of its usage to the FDA and to manufacturers. These reports have resulted in several panels, studies, and clinical trials—all of which have illuminated the limitations, risks, and dangers of the medical device. In the eight years since their release, the FDA has found that:

•Surgical mesh use results in a high number of injuries and complications.
•Common transvaginal mesh complications include vaginal wall erosion, organ perforation, organ adherence, infection, and death.
•It is not clear that surgical mesh operations produce better results than non-mesh treatments.
•Surgical mesh can be more dangerous when implanted by a doctor without specialized training.
•Doctors should share the risks of transvaginal mesh with patients before surgery.
•Transvaginal mesh implantation can require multiple corrective surgeries.
•Transvaginal mesh may not correct the prolapsed organ issues or urinary incontinence issues that they are designed to treat.
•Transvaginal mesh can result in long-term health issues and a lowered quality of life.

What should you do if you have suffered serious complications from surgical mesh? Transvaginal mesh injuries and complications can result in prolonged pain and suffering, painful intercourse, serious infections, multiple corrective surgeries, high medical costs, and permanent health issues that effect the enjoyment of everyday life. Many brands of vaginal mesh have been recalled due to these severe and life-threatening risks.You may deserve compensation for these damages and costs.

“Many women who have had unsuccessful prolapsed organ surgery or sustained injuries from transvaginal mesh implants find that they were never told of its risk, that their doctors were not properly trained, or that their complications should have been prevented or caught sooner,” said Houston injury lawyer Brian Beckcom. “We are here to help these women and get them the compensation they deserve.”

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