New Vodka Arrives from France Challenging All Others to Room Temperature Taste Tests

West Palm Beach, FL, June 30, 2007 --( "I’m sure we’ll lose one of these tests eventually," says Paul Connors of Legacy Imports, Inc., the creator and US marketer of Peureux Perfect 1864 vodka. "We’re bound to run into someone who genuinely does not like their vodka to be so smooth."

Connors and Bernard Baud, president and CEO of Frances’s Grandes Distilleries Peureux de Fougerolles, which produces the product, fell into conducting their taste tests at room temperature by accident during the product’s debut in Paris two years ago. “We were testing against other leading vodkas in a bar that ran out of ice,” says Connors. “We kept going just for fun but quickly figured out that it was a better way to tell the difference between the brands. Even we were surprised to find out that the other vodkas all have noticeably harsh tastes when there is no ice to mask them. Since then we’ve been doing the tests that way everywhere we go, challenging bartenders to throw us out if we don’t win.”

Based in part on the room temperature tests, Perfect 1864 has become known as The French Vodka in many top end hotels, bars and restaurants in France. In similar fashion, Perfect 1864 has established itself as a uniquely smooth vodka option in a total of 12 nations in Europe and Asia prior to being made available on a limited basis in the US late last year. It first appeared in Newport, RI, and New Orleans, both noted spawning grounds for trends in food and drink, where it has become a favorite of many wine and spirits cognoscenti.

In the Newport area, for example, wine and spirits consultant Mike Ritchie of Allen Wines and Liquors in nearby Portsmouth, RI, recommends Perfect 1864 without reservation for weddings and parties in the mansions on Newport’s famed Bellevue Avenue. “Perfect 1864 is the first ultra premium vodka that backs up its reasons for putting a high price on its products,” he says. “It is so smooth that customers can tell the instant they taste it.”

At chef/owner Tom Wolfe’s Peristyle Restaurant in New Orleans’ French Quarter, Perfect 1864 is the recommended premium vodka and the only vodka used in dishes that call for it. Why? “It’s so smooth that it becomes a distinguishable component of the food,” he says. “The vodkas we used before were okay but did not come close to that level of contributing to the dish.”

According to Legacy Imports', Connors, Perfect 1864’s smoothness is attributable to being made from exceptional ingredients in accord with superior distillation and production methods. In fact, each batch of Perfect 1864 includes certificates attesting that the wheat base was sourced exclusively from a soft variety found only in France's Brie Champagne region and that the water comes only from ancient natural springs in the Vosges Mountains near France's border with Switzerland. Perfect 1864 is the only vodka in the world to provide certified support for the quality of its ingredients with every batch produced. The policy mirrors that of the appellation control system that France maintains to ensure the quality and consistency of the ingredients in its wines, champagnes and cognacs.

Peureux Perfect 1864 vodka was developed by Grandes Distilleries Peureux de Fougerolles, one of the oldest and most respected spirits producers in France, as a joint venture with Legacy Imports. Founded in 1864, Grandes Distilleries Peureux was best known as the world's leading producer of premium quality fruit-based eaux-de-vie, marketed primarily under the La Cigogne brand. Bernard Baud, in addition to being CEO of the firm, was president of the French Distillers Association in 2005-2006. Suggested retail price per 750ML is $33.95.

Nina M. Goselin