Scientia Advisors Will be a Panelist at the Mass Medic - On the Subject of Point of Care Diagnostics & Tech

Scientia Advisors Management Consultant and Managing Partner, Harry Glorikian, will be a panelist at the Mass Medic - on the subject of Point of Care Diagnostics & Technology – September 12, 2007

Cambridge, MA, June 30, 2007 --( Harry Glorikian, will be a panelist at Mass Medic, Boston, MA - on Point of Care Diagnostics & Technology.

According to BCC Research, Point of Care (POC) testing revenue reached an estimated $5.07 billion in 2005 and is expected to grow to nearly $9.68 billion by 2010 in the U.S. alone. Internationally, the current POC market is $9.1 million. And the marketing for in-home patient monitoring is growing.

The reasons for such exponential growth - speed and location. Demand for POC testing is driven by the faster diagnostic benefits it provides and the near-patient use. Currently, point of care testing at home accounts for 30% of total revenue in the U.S. And the market for near patient testing in hospitals, in the home, doctors offices, outpatient clinics and treatment centers is growing even faster.

And the types of tests are expanding as well. Point of care testing includes glucose testing, blood gases, cardiac markers, rapid tests, fertility, home use tests for sleep apnea, reporting during clinical trials on depression, DNA testing for food born illnesses and even bio-terrorism applications used at police and fire stations. Getting the data from these tests to a clinician is increasingly expanding from use of mobile phones to specially designed PDAs.

How do self-diagnostic and in-home medical devices come to market? What are the challenges from patient adoption to distribution channels? Who pays? Are manufacturers of these tools practicing medicine? When these tests are used in a patient setting, what are the practical applications of HIPAA and data integrity? And the holy grail -- How can the data from these devices be integrated into patient care?

Harry Glorikian’s experience allows him to cover a broad range of areas within life sciences. His direct experience in sales, marketing, business development, and intellectual property combined with his technical and market knowledge provides unique and insightful perspectives. Harry has 15 years of experience in the life sciences developing and executing key strategic acquisitions and licensing arrangements targeting revenue growth channels. Harry currently leads Scientia, including the management of consulting teams, new business development, and intellectual capital development. His client engagements have involved comprehensive go-to-market plans in the areas of diagnostics, genomic, proteomics, cell biology, cellular therapy and consumables & services groups. His clients include both emerging innovators and global market leaders.

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