Gail Crowder Inc. is Bringing Sexy Back to American Marriages

A Married Woman's Phenomenon. Color Him Red, is a charge to wives to mentally and physically embellish their husbands, with boldness, passion and power.

Gaithersburg, MD, August 30, 2012 --( Gail Crowder Inc. presents “Color Him Red” the 4th Annual Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB) retreat. From the veteran wife to the newlywed, this retreat is sure to provide you with ways to keep things sizzling hot between you and your husband. Lady Joy Brown, the Women’s Ministry Leader at the True Vision Church in San Antonio, TX will teach you God’s design for intimacy in marriage, in order to set the stage for romance. You will get a course on how to keep it hot in the kitchen and in the bedroom.

Color Him Red retreat will be held January 25-26, 2013 at the Wyndham Garden Hotel 805 Russel Ave, Gaithersburg, MD. For only $155.00 you will receive full dinner, breakfast and lunch buffets; not to mention the mid-day snack and conference supplies. Participants will also have the opportunity to experience a session of boudoir photography with acclaimed photographer Oleisha. “The photography during the retreat will be part of teaching wives how to bring more fire to their marriages,” says an article in The Washington Post.

“BSB conferences offer women the opportunity to venture on to a familiar terrain, often forgotten once families and professional careers begin to take charge in their lives,” said Gail Crowder President of Gail Crowder Inc and Founder of BSB.

Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage (BSB) is an annual two-day conference/retreat that provides holistic marriage enhancing, scripture-based education to the modern wife for inspiring self-realization and spiritual exploration, igniting couples' intimacy, and increasing sexual satisfaction within the marriage. Transforming mind, body and soul, BSB is sure to return you home with a glow hardly unrecognizable. For more information or to register please visit

About Gail Crowder Inc.
Gail Crowder Inc. is a women’s lifestyle company owned and operated by Gail Crowder. With 23 years of marriage and experience in the Image Consulting, personal branding and beauty industry. Gail is able to provide clients with the necessary tools to plan and execute their course in life. Her aim is to educate women to look their very best no matter the size, age or economic level. Please visit for more information.
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