London Gold and Commodities Exchange Offers Reduced Options Trading Costs to Active Traders

London Gold and Commodities Exchange, an international commodity futures and brokerage trading service provider with access to most liquid markets worldwide is now offering a newly reduced options trading costs to its active traders.

London, United Kingdom, August 30, 2012 --( London Gold and Commodities Exchange has lowered its options contract cost to 75 cents per contract. In addition, options Assignment and Exercise charges are also reduced to $16.50 while the complex options trades will acquire only one charge of $6.50 for a two-legged trade instead of $14.10, including contract fees.

Options are considered particularly versatile securities that can be utilized in various ways such as hedging current positions, speculating or generating income. However, options may not be appropriate for all investors.

At London Gold and Commodities Exchange we aim to maintaining our lead in the commodity and brokerage industry as the most reasonably priced online and traditional brokerage firm that offers more trading services at relatively low costs,” Mr. Sean Stuart, the CEO and President of London Gold and Commodities Exchange explained. “So, if you merge our new pricing with our supreme and excellent trade execution performance, according to some industry rankings, we are second to none when it comes to options trading and online investments.”

Founded in 1938, London Gold and Commodities Exchange is one of the leading online trading service providers in the industry and has been considered as one of the industry leading brokerage firms when it comes to providing low commission rates along with its highest level of customer service for the value-driven trading and investment portfolios including stocks, mutual funds, options and bonds. At present, London Gold and Commodities Exchange offers stocks trading service at affordable rate of $6.50 per contract plus a full support of multi-language customer service representatives.

Just recently, London Gold and Commodities Exchange was ranked number one as most efficient online broker by leading consumer ratings publication in United States. With this ranking, London Gold and Commodities Exchange continues to uphold its leadership in the industry by providing low cost online and traditional brokerage trading services to global clients.
Kevin Alden