New iPhone App - FitPal Takes Control of Exercise Workouts

Biocom Technologies is pleased to announce a new iPhone application that measures user functional capacity and provides personalized recommendations for each workout.

Poulsbo, WA, August 31, 2012 --( Biocom Technologies, a leader in innovative consumer biomedical products, has announced the release of FitPal. The new iPhone application helps users get their functional capacity and personalized recommendations on optimal and safe exercise intensity for each workout.

FitPal uses iPhone built-in camera with flashlight to monitor user pulse in resting position and during standup to calculate user’s functional capacity and optimal level of exercise intensity for today’s workout. This helps to ensure the greatest possible health benefits while significantly lowering and controlling risks of overtraining. At any time users can instantly check their pulse with FitPal to make sure they are staying within the recommended heart rate zone.

If you want to get some insights into how it works, FitPal measures the user’s pulse while establishing a benchmark as the cardiovascular system is challenged by moving from a sitting to standing position. Professional trainers and nurses refer to this action as a “stand-up,” and rely on the stand-up pulse rate to determine how well a person’s cardiovascular system is able to tolerate physical exercise. FitPal incorporates a special mathematical formula to evaluate the level of functional capacity. Then it chooses an adequate level of exercise intensity, in accordance with the guidelines of the American College of Sports Medicine.

“FitPal can be used every time before and during exercising,” explains Alexander Bandarchuk, VP of Engineering for Biocom Technologies. “It utilizes technologies that have been proven over time and validated through research conducted on thousands of subjects, including top athletes. With FitPal users can take a full control of their workouts, contributing to exercise quality and, more importantly, to a sustained health and fitness.”

About Biocom Technologies

Biocom Technologies was founded in 1996 by medical doctors who possess software engineering skills. Biocom focuses on innovations in biomedical technologies to monitor human physiology and assess health. Since 1998 the company’s products have been used by more than 50 academic organizations around the world. The company sponsors educational and research programs in 13 universities in the USA and Europe, and is currently involved in several international projects related to medical and biomedical research.
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