Mujeres en Cambio Supports Mexican Women & Youth in Education

More than 150 young women from the campo surrounding San Miguel de Allende received scholarships from Mujeres en Cambio Friday, earning their place in school and ensuring a better future for their families. Their ages ranged from 13 to 23.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, August 31, 2012 --( Thirteen of these youth are students of Los Ricos de Abajo and Las Clavellinas where Feed the Hungry San Miguel school kitchens provide hot nutritious meals to preschool and primary school children every school day.

Many of these children—be they girls or boys--have learned not to take a meal or an education for granted. For some, it may have been the meal that got them to school in the first place, but for these young women, it is the scholarship and good grades that keeps them there.

Four of the scholarship recipients from Los Ricos are entering their second year of secundaria (8th grade): Perla Mariel Muñoz Zapatero, Estrella Muñoz Jacinto, María Trinidad Paola Muñoz Gonzáles and Nancy Jazmin Jacinto Centeno. The fiFTHSM student, Daniela Yadira Ramirez Ramirez, will begin her first year of secundaria (7th grade) in August. Once MeC provides a scholarship to a student, it continues (assuming her GPA is 8.0 or higher) until she graduates from preparatoria. Among our students, the GPA ranged between 8.5 and 9.2.

Eight youth received scholarships from Las Clavellinas, five provided by Mujeres en Cambio and three by Community Church of San Miguel. These included Manuela Granados Moreno, Lesli Daniela Almanza Sanchez, Veronica Granados Perez, Mireya Lopez Lopez, Maria Araceli Lopez Gonzales, Ma. Guadalupe Perez Lopez, Maria Reina Galvan Dominguez and Maria Zulema Arriaga Urbina all entering 8th grade.

Education in Mexico is only free through the 9th grade, so even though many students would like to continue their education, some are forced to drop out due to lack of funds for the required uniforms, books, transportation and other expenses. A scholarship from MeC provides approximately $275 USD per year for tuition, books, school supplies, uniforms and transportation. This amount doesn’t cover all school costs, but is critical to helping students reach their educational goals. Having supportive families and communities also seems to make a difference.

Los Ricos de Abajo and Las Clavellinas represent two pilot communities where FTHSM, other support groups, volunteers and local residents have invested funds and sweat equity to transform the community, especially for the children. Los Ricos created a donor-funded Learning Center that is in its second year of operation and managed by three high school students. At Las Clavellinas, the school just completed a new student learning center, largely funded by the Community Church of San Miguel as well as a women’s sewing cooperative.

Las Clavellinas has learned from the experience of Los Ricos de Abajo. For more than 28 years now, Feed the Hungry San Miguel has lured children to school with the promise of a nutritious meal, while volunteers from Los Ricos have taught English--first to the students and later to their parents. Everyone in these two communities seems alive in the spirit of learning. So why not help transform more communities? Log on to and to learn more about how you can get involved.
Feed the Hungry San Miguel
Valarie Brown Coon