New Release of MAESTRO SIS "Version 3.3" by BocaVox

BocaVox is a leader in the development of high performance student information systems. Its Maestro SIS provides a turnkey solution for online, bricks and mortar and blended learning institutions throughout the US. With the new features in this latest release, MAESTRO SIS gives their clients more of what they want - flexibility and control.

Weston, FL, August 31, 2012 --( BocaVox, LLC, a leading developer of web-based student information systems, has deployed a new release, MAESTRO SIS 3.3, which boasts an extensive array of innovative new features and updates based on the latest generation of needs in education technology. The theme of this release is Dynamic Self-Service, empowering clients to take more control of their student management software.

New features include SMS text messaging, user created html forms, modification of email templates, and dynamic creation of fields for power users. Clients have been given more options to automate their programs. (Contact BocaVox for a complete list of new functionalities in the Maestro 3.3 release notes.)

Maestro SIS, a cloud-hosted, customizable SaaS (Software as a Service) supports two-way communications, auditing and ad hoc reporting of any field in the database, academic pacing, and Single Sign On to multiple, simultaneous LMS interfaces. All features are designed for single entry of data with a focus on ease of use. Maestro SIS’s infrastructure supports exponential growth, with high performance.

As an experienced educator and administrator, BocaVox’s CEO, Sue Diseker, initially identified the importance of academic pacing, and frequent communications with communication tracking as a must for distance learning. “Maestro SIS’s enhanced communication capabilities have proven valuable for all educational types, whether delivered in class, online, or in a blended setting. Ongoing communication - from lead to diploma/degree - and reminders to stay on pace, is essential to student retention and engagement. When administrators, staff, parents, and students are provided with intuitive communication and collaboration tools, the fundamental goal of the institution, ensuring student success, is realized.”

About BocaVox
MAESTRO SIS, the first commercially available student information system for online education, also offers a full features set for supporting classroom and blended learning. BocaVox set the industry standard for customized, web-based ERP student information and management systems, and is the originator of numerous features now in use by many. BocaVox constantly strives towards innovation and its success is proven every day by its customers’ increased efficiency and continuously renewed contracts.

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