evalu8.org Celebrates 5th Anniversary with Record Page-Views ... Again

Fifth anniversary was a celebration of success. Many thank-yous are in order.

Seattle, WA, July 01, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Says Managing Director, Anne Garber: "It's hard to believe that five whole years have now passed since our tenuous launch back on July 1, 2002. On that nerve-racking day, we counted a full 19 page-views. Today, 25,000 hits is not an uncommon count, and our content has climbed to almost 40,000 stories in more than 1250 categories."

Evalu8.org is updated with fresh content daily, so there's always something new to discover.

The format of evalu8.org makes navigation easy, and the search box works like a charm. Feedback and reader input is always welcome. Says Roland Tanglao of VanEats: "Evalu8.org covers a lot of ground, including a large number of [foodie] topics. Here are some selected food-related portions of the site: recipes, Vancouver restaurant reviews (such as Anne's review of Lumière) and…columns by excellent food writers such as Stephanie Yuen and Nathan Fong. I love the site and will be checking it regularly."

Annual honors feature evalu8.org's coveted Awards of Distinction, recipients for which are distilled from submissions by evalu8.org's visitors, and then voted on by the website's panel of expert -- and very picky -- reviewers.

The site's Christmas Shopping and Gift Guides have grown into a huge hit with evalu8.org visitors. In fact, its recommendations are increasingly becoming the FIRST resource that online shoppers check out before making their decisions for gifts -- quite a compliment to the site's objectivity and expert advice.

Steady daily additions of new content have dramatically influenced evalu8.org's growth, with emphasis on food, regional restaurants, movies, consumer product reviews and advocacy, destination travel, hotels and everything else you might need for a fun-filled BC-and-Pacific-Northwest lifestyle. New affiliates, content providers and strategic allies have helped enormously, too, and site organizers would be remiss if they did not extend their gratitude to Tourism BC, Madelyn Miller at TravelLady.com, Festivals Master-mind Kevin Dale McKeown, their friends at Richmond Public Relations in Seattle, fitness trainer Deborah Ramsay, Gifting whiz Deborah Faurot, Allan MacDougall and the genies at Raincoast Books, the good folks at Box Office Prophets, Amazon and eBay, Google, HealthEGoods, Epicureal and the Community Groups that supply so much of the site's local and regional information updates, and of course, its ad agency, 24/7, and wonderful sponsors and advertisers, without whom the site would never be able to offer its readers the great scope and timely information upon which evalu8.org organizers pride themselves.

This year, they have really pumped up content in their Games section, Tech gadgets, Recipes, Destination travel, Graphic novels, Baby goods, Cosmetics and Consumer advocacy, to name but a few. Anne Garber says she is very grateful to the site's friends (such as chef Stephen Wong, chocolatier Genèviève Lemarchand, London-based Health advocate Madelyn Freeman, chef Rob Feenie, celebrity-maven Lynne McNamara, chef Agnes Chung, webmaster Roland Tanglao, wine-expert Michel Moulherat, Liverpool-based health-consultant Madeleine Litchfield, fellow-gourmand Ray Wargo, designer-par-excellence Marissa Lassau and webmaster François Harbec) for extending evalu8.org's world view and tech-competency!

Anne Garber adds: "So thank you one and all for your loyalty and enthusiasm. Please tell a friend about evalu8.org and drop us a note (to feedback@evalu8.org) if you have ideas, conundrums, suggestions, consumer queries -- or even if you just want to say 'hi'."

Music companies, movie studios, food manufacturers, software developers, book publishers, authors and distributors: Your catalogues and review materials are welcome. evalu8.org respects all time-dated embargoes, industry confidentiality and other necessary restrictions. Please be sure to inform evalu8.org of the expect date of release, publication or retail availability in the British Columbia region and the US Pacific Northwest, so editors will not raise unreasonable expectations in their readers.

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