American Firm, Denison and Porter, to Form German Real Estate Investment Trust

US investment Firm, Denison & Porter, has announced plans to organize one of the first foreign based G-REITS, capitalizing on recent changes to German law.

Washington, DC, July 01, 2007 --( In early June the German parliament signed into law legislation which legalizes the formation of German Real Estate Investment trusts . On Thursday, Denison and Porter spokesman, Christopher Andrade, noted that “the inception of REITs into the German market was a natural response to an evident gap and one which will offer the German market new opportunities in the future.”

In mid-June, Denison and Porter, announced plans to enter the German Real Estate Market. As one of the first companies to join this exploratory group of G-REITs, Denison & Porter represents a growing group of firms searching for developing markets abroad while attempting to maintain a strong foothold in the declining market. It is the hope of this company, Andrade noted, that we will see a stabilizing incline on our home turf… a strong US real estate market minimizes the impact on the equity market and therefore ensure continued growth in the domestic and global markets.”

Founded in 2003 by Jonathan Fantini Porter, Denison & Porter represents a global circle of accredited investors under 30. D&P encompasses a holding company, managed fund and real estate investment trust with offices and advisory offices in Argentina, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Denison and Porter Property Group, the company's US based REIT, maintains a portfolio composed of 57% interests in commercial property. The company's managed fund, based in Los Angeles, California, targets alternative investments in South America and Western Europe. Beginning in July 2007, Denison and Porter Capital will provide the resources necessary to transform and develop undervalued companies into market leaders.

Their strategy balances a diversified portfolio of investments in traditional and alternative asset classes with interests on three continents.

Denison & Porter is headquartered in the cobblestone neighborhood of Georgetown in Washington, DC.


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