World Renowned Healer Marisa Russo Sets Out to Heal 1 Million Women

Award winning healer Marisa Russo heals the planet through changing consciousness of 1 million women

Port Stanvac, Australia, September 06, 2012 --( Known as the Woman Healing Women, Marisa Russo, is a world renowned healer and founder of Forensic Healing. The popularity of her forensic approach to healing combines science, logic and intuition. For nearly 25 years, she has led thousands around the world on their personal transformations by reading people's energy fields and healing them in minutes. With a goal to reach 1 million women by August 2013, Russo recently released a free universal healing campaign helping women worldwide return to their divinity and sacredness available at

After healing herself from chronic physical and sexual abuse, she has helped thousands of wounded women do the same. Russo created the Freeing Women Activation to return sacredness, value, equality and power to each woman so they can be honored and bring healing to our children and the planet. The mission of the Freeing Women Activation is to reverse the control and manipulated thinking caused by religion and patriarchal systems while improving the mindsets of all women, no matter what race or culture.

"Getting to the truth, that's what I love to do. Dive in deep to find the answers to people's problems. There's always a story running” said Marisa Russo. “I like to 'read' their body or energy field to expose the real how’s and why’s behind their condition. From there I apply my natural healing system to release, reconnect and re-align. That's how I like to do healing work,” Russo continued.

When you receive the Freeing Women Activation you will experience a release of the subtle manipulations, detrimental contracts and doctrines from religious texts, guilt feelings and sacrifice patterns that have bound you in persecution, poverty, suffering and low self-worth. You will also receive a powerful energetic healing as Marisa directs healing energies for you to reclaim your birthright, freedom and divinity for you to experience more that you thought possible.

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