IN THE VIRTUAL CITY INC dba 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES, Will be Hosting Several Domestic Violence Call and Listen Shows via

The Domestic Violence Show is a way to allow Victims to learn about resources they did not know existed and that they are not alone although they may feel alone most of the time.

New York, NY, September 06, 2012 --( IN THE VIRTUAL CITY INC dba 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES, will be hosting several Domestic Violence call and listen shows via, interested listeners should call 347-215-8430, to check the scheduled show listing please visit You may also listen to any archived show via iTunes/Podcast by accessing this url shows maybe downloaded free of charge.

2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES’ Domestic Violence Shows powered by were designed to help past, current and future Domestic Violence Victims understand that Victims have a voice and someone is willing to listen.

Information and Research for the Domestic Violence Shows are based on information from books, Google searches, social networks and mostly from Mildred Davis’ own personal battle with Domestic Violence for almost 15 years. Mildred Davis, wants to share the effect of Domestic Violence, because even after a Victim leaves the abuser, the emotional damage is there for years. Domestic Violence also causes emotional issues in children even if they do not talk about it or ask questions about the inappropriate things they saw.

The Domestic Violence Shows hosted by 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES will also share advice regarding getting your finances in order. Victims of Domestic Violence usually have to leave a job and their homes therefore they become jobless and homeless often leading to a feeling of hopelessness. There are lots of Domestic Violence Shelters through out the USA but they are not made public for safety reasons. 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES researches locations for Victims when they inquire privately via email. Mildred Davis, the President of IN THE VIRTUAL CITY INC dba 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES, has experienced living in both Domestic Violence Shelters and Homeless Shelters and realized that there is a big difference between the two. A Domestic Violence Shelter is not open to the public, you may not have family and/or friends visit you there. The location of the Domestic Violence Shelter should remain private and the victims seeking shelter may feel isolated at times but they have counselors and programs at the shelter to help the victim cope. Homeless Shelters do not concentrate on the emotional damages of Domestic Violence, they are there mainly to provide shelter.

IN THE VIRTUAL CITY INC’s President is Mildred Davis. Mildred Davis writes Articles, Ghost Write Books, Crystal Reports Training Manuals and Publishes other materials under the Pen Name Yvonne Wilcox since 2007. In 2010 Mildred Davis formed VIRTUAL CITY RADIO INC, to host Open Mics and Talent Showcases in New York City. In 2011 Mildred Davis decided that a Doing Business As should be created to better represent the visionary goal she had for the corporation, so 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES was implemented to show that information and talent can be promoted in many different ways. 2 HOT 4 AIRWAVES promotes via Internet, Articles, T-Shirts, Events and Hosting Seminars.
Mildred Davis, Writer/Publicist
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