Cloudnymous Announces the First Cloud-Based Anonymity Service

Cloudnymous has announced the release of the first cloud-based VPN service for anonymous web surfing. The service offers anonymous access to restricted or censored websites, while cloud infrastructure keeps the price level low thanks to pay-per-use principle. Strong encryption and increased user ID protection both during payment and work of the service ensure security of user’s data.

Chisinau, Moldova, September 10, 2012 --( Surfing the Web incognito isn’t a prerogative of cyber outlaws and hackers only. Anyone wants to keep his personal data safe and remain unrecognized in certain situations. However, true anonymity is rare; either a promise of high security is made to a user, while a service remains transparent, or the price for the service is much higher than a person is willing to pay for safe web surfing.

Cloudnymous, a newly launched cloud-based anonymity service, resolves both issues. While providing exceptional data security and strong traffic encryption algorithms to protect user’s identity and information, the service is nevertheless affordable thanks to its cloud infrastructure.

The pay-per-use principle means a user doesn’t need to subscribe to weekly or monthly plans, nor he or she needs to select a predefined payment option. Instead, he can pay now and decide what and how much he wants to use at any given time. Daily paid, monthly paid and traffic paid servers are available and a user is free to switch to any of them at any moment. Cloud-based operation also means better security: even if a server is hacked, the information can’t be retrieved from it as the data are evenly spread across the entire cloud.

“Cloudnymous is perfect for US visitors who want to watch Hulu or listen to Pandora overseas, to Asian users wanting to open public sites restricted by local laws and simply for those who want to keep privacy while surfing the Internet,” says Ruslan Sologub, a lead developer of the company.

Pricing and availability

The price for the service is calculated as “pay-per-use”. Prices starts from $0.15 for daily paid servers, $4.95 for monthly paid servers and $0.15 per GB for traffic paid servers.


Cloudnymous was founded in 2012 and is a new player on the anonymous surfing market. The company strives to create an affordable yet secure way to surf the Web by applying cloud computing technologies to online anonymity.


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Contact: Artur Reaboi
Title: Cloudnymous PR Officer

Artur Reaboi