The Aristotele Platform Will Bring Company Knowledge on the Computer of Each Single Employee

Italia, Italy, September 07, 2012 --( Transform intangible assets such as knowledge and reputation, expertise, innovation, motivation of workers in key growth and performance for the companies. This is the aim of the research project ARISTOTELE, that outlines a new path of learning and working within organizations.

In business and administrative workplaces, processes of organizational learning and peer collaboration are still managed on their own.

The project ARISTOTELE uses these processes, placing them in a model where the intangible values ​​such as creativity, knowledge and skills are identified and tracked in practical work, allowing the reuse of knowledge in other business processes. The objective is to improve learning and training, collaboration between colleagues and the company knowledge management with the use of a modular technology solution, customizable, open, scalable, integrated with traditional systems.

ARISTOTELE platform will soon be available on the market exceeding the limits of most of the current business systems. The solution is aimed at the capitalization and the re-use of skills and knowledge that emerge during the collaboration and the daily work in a web mode.

The system integrates the management of personnel, skills, knowledge and training, in a vision complete and useful for the management of work and resources. In this context, companies become real "Factories of Innovation" for the organization of work.

To the three year project, funded under the VII Framework Programme - ICT research area TEL – have joined Engineering (ENG), MOMA ICT S.p.A., the Center for Research in Pure and Applied Mathematics (CRMPA -) of the University of Salerno, Publicis Healthware International (PHI) , AMIS TLC, Universitat Duisburg-Essen (UDE), University of Milan (UNIMI), University of Innsbruck (UIBK).

ARISTOTELE will use the platform IWT (Intelligent Web Teacher of MOMA) extensible, open, and that already includes models of knowledge management, teaching and learning, and Share Point Server 2010, the Microsoft collaboration platform for the realization of collaborative applications.

Each user will have the opportunity to access the platform, go to his own personalized page and perform searches. The system will automatically extract data from documents submitted by colleagues and internal contacts.

The company will be able to reuse the material, generating knowledge and collaboration in new contexts and improving performance thanks to an extended enterprise knowledge, profiled and monitored. In an evolutionary key, the learning platform will be able to:
· drive the organization in the development of personalized learning and adaptive strategies according to different organizational contexts and business as well as the specific needs of each profile;
· capitalize on the knowledge of the user during the training sessions and in the normal daily work;
· facilitate access to information repositories enabling collaboration between peers on topics of interest
· stimulate the link between organizational learning and creativity and the evolution of learning communities to communities of practice.

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Aristotele Consortium
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