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Los Angelos, CA, July 02, 2007 --( Michael Keenan of SitePromotionNow has released his brand new website at which poses the question, can a website be created, built and launched in under 15 minutes. And the answer is yes.

Yeshomestead was built with the sole purpose of proving the point, that a user friendly, information packed website can be created within a specific timeframe. Thanks to very good website software and hosting this task was made very easy indeed.

The website was built and hosted using Homestead, which is a web hosting and website building software company dedicated to the goal of helping you to be able to easily build your very own website starting today. Homestead's website builder platform is an easy to use program, which gives anybody the ability to be able to build there very own website with ease. Homestead is currently offering a free 30 day trial which enables users to try first hand the software in action. Users can also upload their built webpages directly to the internet for viewing and this is all included free within this 30 day trial period.

To view the Yeshomestead website for yourself and to find out further details about Homestead's 30 day free trial offer simply visit.

Michael Keenan