Freshdays by Sanita Launches Part 2 of "Are You Sporty Enough? Keep on Playing" Contest

Freshdays brand of pantyliners launched part 2 of "Are you Sporty Enough to Play?" contest, running from 6 September – 6 October 2012, offering female Facebook fans a chance to win one of eight prizes of $500 each.

Ajaltoun, Lebanon, September 09, 2012 --( Freshdays, a brand of pantyliners by Sanita, launches "Are You Sporty Enough? Keep on Playing" contest, running from 6 September – 6 October 2012. The online campaign gives Freshdays Facebook fans a chance to win one of eight prizes of $500 each.

Facebook fans can enter the weekly draw by correctly answering the daily sporty question, as well as by uploading their personal sporty pictures. Furthermore, players can maximize chances of winning by sharing and inviting lady friends to partake in the contest.

Freshdays "Are You Sporty Enough to Play" contest aims at continuously promoting and supporting healthy and active women. Part one of the Freshdays "Are You Sporty Enough to Play’"contest originally launched in May 2012.

About Freshdays "Are You Sporty Enough? Keep on Playing" Contest

Freshdays “Are You Sporty Enough? Keep on Playing” Facebook contest offers a chance to win up 1 of 8 prizes of $500 each to ladies 13 years of age and above residing in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates. Freshdays will post one sporty question per day for fans to answer. Participants can play only once every day to maximize chances of winning.

Steps to participate in the competition:

Step 1: “Like” “Freshdays by Sanita” Facebook Fan Page
Step 2: Fill out the registration form
Step 3: Answer daily sporty question correctly
Step 4: Upload “Your Sporty Enough Picture” & join Freshdays ‘Sporty Picture Gallery’
Step 5: Share every day on personal profile wall
Step 6: Invite more friends to participate to maximize chances of winning
Winners will be randomly selected in a weekly draw:
• Week 1: 1 prize = $500
• Week 2: 1 prize = $500
• Week 3: 2 Prizes = $500 each
• Week 4: 4 Prizes = $500 each

Winners will be notified by e-mail and names will be displayed on Freshdays Facebook Fan page. Winners of any of the weekly draws cannot win again.

How to Maximize Chances to Win "Are you Sporty Enough? Keep on Playing?" Contest

Contestants unable to answer daily sporty questions can still enter the draw by uploading personal pictures related to sports themes, as well as sharing the competition on personal profile wall and inviting as many lady friends to participate. Contestants who are unable to answer the sporty question of the day can try to correctly answer upcoming questions throughout the week.

Amount of times a participants name will enter the draw:
- 1 time, if contestant answers question of the day correctly
- 7 times, if contestant answers correctly and uploads sporty picture
- 1 time, if contestant answers incorrectly and uploads sporty picture
- 1 time daily, when contestant shares the contest on her wall
- 1 time daily, when contestant invites her friends to participate

"Are You Sporty Enough? Keep on Playing" Contest Conditions

1. Contestants can only participate once daily
2. Only females, 13 years of age or above are allowed to participate
3. Contestants give Freshdays permission to post and distribute the following via e-mail, instant messenger or other electronic means:
- The names of the contest winners
- Facebook profile photo on "Freshdays by Sanita" Facebook Page
- Uploaded sporty photos
4. Uploaded pictures will pass by an approval process prior to public posting. This process may take up to 2 working days. Freshdays reserves the right to filter pictures and will not post themes that are deemed inappropriate or unrelated to the sports concept.
5. Participants and personalities in photos need to be female
6. Contestants need to confirm, represent, and warrant that they are the owners of their pictures and the related intellectual property rights.
7. INDEVCO employees are not allowed to win
8. Debit cards will be delivered to winners within a period of 2 months

About Freshdays

Freshdays, a leading brand of pantyliners in the Middle East, is produced by Sanita sal in Lebanon, a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. The brand includes Freshdays 2 in 1, Freshdays Long, Freshdays Normal, Freshdays Normal Scented, Freshdays Singles, Freshdays String, and Freshdays Sports.

Freshdays Sports targets athletic women and women on the go. The breathable panty liner, designed with 100% cotton cover and odor control, offers long-lasting freshness. The product adjusts to body movements, providing flexibility and optimal comfort during workout.
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