Air Graffiti Dallas Launches Photo Centric Event Technology with Digital Graffiti

Dallas, TX, September 08, 2012 --( Air Graffiti Dallas is now offering an amazing and fun-filled alternative to a regular photo booth used at numerous events used to capture memories. The Virtual Photo Wall from Air Graffiti Dallas will debut September 15 at a top secret event and is the premier option in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

The first of its kind, this virtual photo wall is an alternative to a photo booth and provides a unique interactive experience. By combining different technologies, various effects can be added via this event-technology.

The digital photo wall allows for customized photo backgrounds and is available for all types of events including corporate events, product launches, weddings, at clubs and concerts. Photos can then be uploaded in real time to facebook, or shared through email from the event.

The virtual photo screen has unlimited abilities for photo creativity with patented digital spray paint or digital stencils. The background can be easily customized and changed making Air Graffiti and interesting technology for product launches. There are a variety of 1,500 backgrounds that can be added to the photos that include brick walls, beach scenery, golf courses or even a magazine covers. Digital Graffiti software allows for users to add their own finishing touches with graffiti and then lab-quality prints are made in less than 10 seconds.

“We are excited to partner with key technology partners to bring this amazing technology to Dallas. This kind of event technology is a game changer much the same way photo booths became the hot trend a few years ago,” said Dennis Walthers, owner and operator of Air Graffiti Dallas.

Local graffiti artists will also attend events and will perform graffiti art that is relevant to the event and then will hand sign the printed copies for guests.

“This technology can be used in so many unique and creative ways to make any event memorable for the guests,” Walthers said. I can't think of any kind of event technology in the last 10 years that has this kind of potential. It's fun, interactive, and social and brings people together in a very unique way.”

For more information or to book the Air Graffiti Dallas Virtual Photo Wall from Air Graffiti Dallas, visit and click on “Contact Us” or call 214-293-5044. The Virtual Graffiti Wall is available for all kinds of exciting and large scale corporate and social events.
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