Brand with IMPACT! Debuts on Kinetic HiFi local Community Radio

Learn how you can successfully brand and market your business. Join Susan Jeanne Mertz and Nora D. Richardson Tuesdays from 5:00 -7:00 pm EST on

Charleston, SC, September 12, 2012 --( Brand with IMPACT! offers secrets and tips on branding, marketing, and general business practices guaranteed to make your company grow successfully.

Both Mertz and Richardson are successful small business owners who have learned a thing or two over their combined 35 years in business and share their experiences —good and bad—with their audience.

Highly interactive, Brand with IMPACT! encourages audience participation through chat rooms, call-ins, and Facebook interaction.

This powerful, savvy duo offer easy-to-incorporate-into-your-business tips gleaned from years of working in their respective industries.

Tips from each show are posted on the Brand with IMPACT! Facebook page.

Richardson, owner of Spot-On Branding, is a brand identity expert, specializing in creating strong brand identities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Her dual experience in branding and graphic design allows her to create superior quality brand components that enhance visibility, evoke an emotional response from ideal clients, and strengthen foundations for business growth.

“With entrepreneurship at the highest levels in 16 years, it is time to stop being comfortable with generic branding and it is time to stand out! Spot-On Branding translates your story into a revitalized, new brand that resonates with prospects and differentiates your company from the competition,” said Richardson.

Mertz, a public relations and marketing expert, specializes in crisis management and reputation management. IMPACT! develops strategies and trains its clients to effectively present and maintain a strong, positive reputation.

“Your reputation is your most valuable asset. In this age of instant internet viral exposure, it is important to monitor what is being said or written about you and your business. Before you are front page news for the wrong reason, let us get you there first for the right reasons," said Mertz.

About IMPACT! Inc.

Since 1991, IMPACT! has provided strategic planning, public relations, marketing, crisis management, reputation management, fund raising and education services to more than 70 organizations nationwide.

Susan Jeanne Mertz, owner of IMPACT! Inc. attended Hood College, Frederick, MD, majoring in biology and chemistry, and obtained a Master of Arts in Teaching – Museum Education degree from George Washington University, where she studied and worked in Washington, DC, museums.

Before incorporating IMPACT! Inc. into a public relations firm, she worked exclusively with major museums, environmental organizations, and cultural institutions across America.

About Spot-On Branding
Nora D. Richardson, owner of Spot-On Branding, (formally NDRichardson Graphics) is a brand consultant, brand identity designer, and speaker who educates on the importance of creating a clear brand identity.

Since 1999, Richardson has helped business owners with their graphic design needs, from logos to packaging, advertising to website design, and everything in between. Knowing firsthand the struggles of most business owners, Richardson can easily connect, assess, and translate a company’s vision into a strong and powerful brand.

Richardson has a passion for encouraging brand alignment and brand evolution whenever beneficial to business growth. She created a customized Brand Alignment Package to better advise business owners on comprehensive brand strategies.

About Kinetic HiFi
Kinetic HiFi is a whole community concept and offers a variety of local programming and music 24/7.

As part of Kinetic Aid, LLC, it is designed to harness the latent power of the local economy and reinvest that energy to benefit everyone. Its primary aims are to deliver candid, meaningful, locally-sourced dialogue to listeners and provide advertisers with affordable rates and advanced metrics.

Kinetic Aid, LLC and Kinetic HiFi work hand-in-hand to fuel the missions of local nonprofits, the bottom lines of local businesses, and the buying power of consumers. Twenty percent of Kinetic HiFi revenue goes directly to Kinetic Aid Lowcountry Charitable Partners: The Melinda A. Carter Foundation, Memory Matters, Osprey Village, Camp Happy Days, Eagle Harbor and the Equipping our Heroes Foundation.
Susan Jeanne Mertz