Free Guide Reveals 21 Ways to Make Money with a Home-Based Food Business

“21 Food Businesses You Can Start from Home”: Home Business Center, Inc. releases its brand new start-up guide showing entrepreneurs how to make money from home with 21 different food-focused businesses.

Montara, CA, September 13, 2012 --( Home Business Center's latest book, “21 Food Businesses You Can Start from Home,” shows food enthusiasts how they can generate income from home by starting a food-related business - even if they don’t cook.

According to the Boston Globe, 13 million Americans are currently unable find jobs. At the same time, the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade reports that retail sales of specialty food items have experiencing a high growth rate of 19.1% from 2009 to 2011. These two conditions appear to create the perfect opportunity for those looking for work.

However, one of the biggest problems that prevents people from going into business for themselves is that they believe they don’t have enough money, skills or resources to run a company. Furthermore, information is not widely published on how to start a home-based food business which requires minimal financing, specialized skills or knowledge.

“21 Food Businesses You Can Start from Home” helps solve this problem by showing aspiring entrepreneurs and those looking for work how they can start a wide variety of low-cost businesses from home, without the expense and risk of traditional food ventures. Food enthusiasts can start a home-based business, but they aren’t confined to working from home and don’t necessarily have to know how to cook.

A Breakdown of the Book

“21 Food Businesses You Can Start from Home” begins by giving readers the four basic steps to starting a food business from home, including legal issues and regulations. It then proceeds to explain 21 different ways to make money preparing food, selling food, writing about food, decorating food, mailing food, growing food, sharing recipes and more.

The 21 business ideas are divided into three sections:

(1) Opportunities that involve food preparation
(2) Businesses that don’t include cooking or food prep
(3) Mobile businesses

Home Business Center's new guide includes more that a list of start-up ideas to readers. It provides free and low-cost resources where readers can access step-by-step instructions and get started. There are also several online tools and software programs that help business owners save time and money and therefore generate higher profits.

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Sue Barrett