Numerous Premium Web Domains Released for Auction

Largest Domain Release in History

San Fransisco, CA, September 13, 2012 --( announces the release of several high-value, niche domains for auction in their popular domain arena. The domains include high-profile names like,,,,, and several city name dot-coms.

While in the past Flippa has been mainly used to sell established websites, it is quickly gaining momentum as the place to list domains for auction. "Informed domain owners have lately discovered that Flippa has a great audience of qualified domain buyers," said Dave Slutzkin, CEO of "These buyers are often looking for good domains to turn into revenue-earning websites rather than parked pages and are turning to Flippa to find them."

The owner of, Ron Davies, took the unusual step of putting the domain up for auction without a reserve price. A lifelong risk taker and a knighted Canadian, Ron stated that, " would be an ideal restaurant directory, organization hub or community for cattlemen, a brand for recipe books, restaurant chain, slaughter/packers, meat shipping, cattle ranching, cattle breeding, and so on. The possibilities are endless, as beef is the most consumed high-price meat produced in the world.”

A host of other high value domains are listed on Flippa by Todd Reum, another Canadian. Reum, who owns several single-word domains, invested in key domain names in 2005, anticipating tremendous web growth. "Why build a brand when you can buy it?” stated Todd. "There is only one dot-com of any generic word in the universe. The consumer sees a dot-com as the authority and it establishes instant credibility." Todd has listed several domains, including, and, under the moniker CategoryDefiningDomains on Flippa.

On the other side of the globe, Australian entrepreneur Wayne Bond is selling prized domain name on Flippa. With the wedding industry undergoing staggering growth, is sure to fetch a high sale price on the marketplace.

All of these premium domains can be found on Each auction continues for the next 25 days.

Launched in 2009, Flippa is the #1 marketplace for buying and selling websites. Each month, over $2 million in websites and domains are traded on Flippa. Over 26,000 sites, valued at over $31 million, were sold on Flippa in 2011 alone. The most notable of these included Mark Zuckerberg’s as well as iPhone application, news site, and Pinterest analytics site

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