Setcom Releases the Liberator TwinTalk Two-Person Wireless Intercom System

Latest Liberator Intercom is a Very Simple Wireless System to Use.

Austin, TX, September 14, 2012 --( Setcom® Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wireless headsets and intercom systems for industrial environments and vehicles, fire apparatus, police motorcycles, and marine vessels, today released the latest innovation in wireless intercom technology - the Liberator TwinTalkTM System. For use in numerous high-noise situations ranging from fighting wildland fires to docking large workboats to directing crane operations on a construction site, the TwinTalk is ready to go to work in seconds. For more information, visit

The TwinTalk encompasses all of the benefits of Setcom’s original Liberator wireless headset but without any base station or installation required. Features include:

*Up to 1200 feet of range (line of sight).

*"Instant On" - No need to turn the headset on and off. Advanced motion sensor technology has been integrated into the TwinTalk. Individual headsets shut off after 15 minutes of inactivity and automatically turn back on when the user puts on the headset.

*Cell Phone Integration - Most Bluetooth®-enabled cell phones and other can be used directly with the TwinTalk headsets.

*Up to 30 hours of continuous talk time allows for more uses with fewer charges.

*Ability to integrate portable radios into TwinTalk headsets allowing users to simultaneously communicate over the portable radio and intercom.

*Encrypted wireless link for secure communications.

*Premium dual-speaker headset with noise reduction rating of 24dB. Helps companies comply with OSHA hearing safety / conservation regulations.

*Full duplex intercom communications without any push-to-talk (PTT) required.

*Dual-element, noise-cancelling, waterproof microphone.

Typical use of the TwinTalk is for a two-person work team to arrive at a worksite and take the two headsets out of their case. Within seconds after opening the case, the two users are able to communicate over the intercom, portable two-way radios, and mobile phones. There is no need to have a base station or do any installation onsite. The team can work up to 30 hours without having to recharge the internal batteries of the headsets.

“Numerous existing Setcom customers came to us wanting an effortless two-person system that could be deployed in a matter of seconds in a multitude of different professional and recreational situations. Building off of Setcom's robust and sophisticated Liberator wireless communications platform, we developed the TwinTalk system. The result is an absurdly simple to use system that is up and running by the time you pull the headsets out of the carrying case. The customer reviews have been overwhelmingly positive,” said James Roberts, Setcom President.

The applications of the TwinTalk technology are numerous across many professional disciplines and include:


*Paint striping truck
*Crane communications
*Train / railroad environments
*Construction sites
*Asphalt paving machine
*Utility trucks and line pulling
*Aerial lifts / bucket truck
*Building maintenance
*Tree trimming
*Factory floor

Fire Service (

*Brush truck
*Aerial / ladder apparatus
*Battalion chief truck
*Fireground communications
*Command vehicle

Marine (

*Workboat communications
*Pilot house to engine room
*Pilot house to deck
*Airboat Command boat
*Fire rescue boat
*Patrol boat

About Setcom Corporation

Founded in 1970, Setcom® ( is a privately-held company that has pioneered the engineering and manufacturing of high-quality wireless communications systems, headsets and accessories for two-way radios. Setcom addresses communications requirements for high-noise, rugged workplace environments where OSHA, NFPA, DoDI 6055.12, or EU-OSHA hearing safety standards often apply. Setcom’s markets include firefighters, rescue personnel, paramedics, police motorcycle officers, the United States military, mariners, and industrial users.

With 40 years of headset / earphone / headphone manufacturing experience, Setcom knows how to make a tough headset for very high-noise, industrial environments. Whether you work in offshore / onshore oil drilling, mines, steel plants, paper mills, factory floors, construction sites, or other demanding situation, there's a Setcom headset right for you. To learn more about Setcom’s comprehensive product line of durable, two-radio communications accessories for extreme-noise situations, visit:

Over 1,000 structural fire departments and 90% of major American airport fire departments use Setcom products, which include fire truck wireless intercom systems, airport rescue apparatus intercom systems and rugged mobile and portable radio headset interfaces. Emergency vehicles that Setcom systems can be used on include pumper, tanker, engine, aerial, quint, ladder, hazmat, ambulance, brush, ARFF, command center, wildland, and rescue trucks. For more information about Setcom's complete product line of fire apparatus intercom systems, please visit:

Setcom invented the first law enforcement motorcycle communications system at its founding in 1970. Today thousands of motor officers rely daily on their Setcom wired and wireless systems to keep them connected to their vital radio networks. No matter the brand of motorcycle, type of helmet, or model of
portable or mobile radio, Setcom has a configuration to meet the requirement. For more information about Setcom's complete product line of rugged police motorcycle headset systems, please visit:
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