American FootGolf League (AFGL) Launches FootGolf Las Vegas with an Opening Event at Siena Golf Club

Las Vegas, NV, September 14, 2012 --( It's's's FootGolf. Join in on the fun at the Las Vegas FootGolf League's (FGLV) "kickoff event", The Las Vegas FootGolf Open on October 28th, 2012 at the Siena Golf Club, Las Vegas, NV. This event will officially launch and bring this much admired sport to Las Vegas.

About 20 local celebrities and special guests will become "FootGolfers" for the day and will join regular league players at the Las Vegas Open to show Las Vegas how it’s done. They will play the new FootGolf Course at Siena Golf Club, which is the first permanent and official FootGolf Course in Las Vegas. Registration will begin at 11:00am; game play will start at noon, followed by an event dinner and awards ceremony. Open participants will receive a complete FGLV uniform, Champagne Breakfast, an 18-Hole Tournament and a Dinner Celebration complete with Awards Ceremony as a part of their registration. Learn more by visiting and clicking the "US Tour 2012" tab on the home page; events are updated as they are scheduled.

AFGL Vice President Jan Terry explains, "FootGolf is fun and can be played at almost any age. FootGolfers quickly become ‘addicted’ to the game, which is why we are working on not only promoting it all over the U.S., but we're currently establishing and contacting new courses in each of the fifty states." The AFGL is getting fantastic feedback from golf courses because the game does not damage the greens, the players dress very professionally, and play as golfers do. FootGolf adds overall "traffic" to the clubs and can increase the number of annual memberships.

FootGolf combines the elegance, style, and precision of golf with the passion, energy, and fun of soccer. The game is modeled after the original sport, born in the Netherlands in 2009. The sport was invented by the former Dutch soccer player Michael Jansen, along with other soccer and golf enthusiasts. Shortly after it's creation, the Dutch FootGolf Association ( / naturally became the International FootGolf Association, (IFGA). This past June 1-3, 2012 in Budapest, Hungary, eight countries (Greece, Holland, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Argentina, Belgium and the United States) met for the first FootGolf World Cup and created the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG) as the new governing body for International FootGolf. Other countries have since joined; England was affiliated at the end of June, and Puerto Rico in July. With a second World Cup in the making, the FIFG hopes FootGolf will be included in the Olympics in the future.

FootGolf is played on a nine or 18 hole golf course with 21" holes and a professional #5 soccer ball. The basic rules of golf are applied with minor adjustments, and rules differ slightly in the almost thirty countries participating in the sport. The members of the FIFG all play under the International Rules. The game can be played individually or in a foursome. A strict classic dress code is always enforced, similar to the old school classic golf dress with knickers or dress shorts, argyle knee socks, collared shirt, and golf cap. Shoes worn are the same shoes used for Turf Soccer, not golf shoes or soccer cleats. The game goes by many names, including: futgolf, football golf, soccer-golf, golfoot, etc. For the members of the FIFG, the name is "FootGolf" and it is a serious sport, not just a game.

The American FootGolf League ( also known as "FootGolf USA" ( by FootGolfers around the World, was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Palm Springs, CA. The AFGL has been recognized by the FIFG as its exclusive member and representative of FootGolf in the United States. Promotion and development of the sport in America is underway thanks to the management company, American FootGolf League, Inc. As a part of a five year project, the AFGL plans to have a minimum of two certified FootGolf Courses in each of the fifty United States by the end of 2013. As of August 1, 2012 there are 10 local leagues under development, as well as the first ever FootGolf Academy.

For more info, to get involved, or to start a league of your own, visit or contact AFGL President Laura Balestrini at

For press inquiries, please contact the Palm Springs Office at (619) 356-5600 or

In Las Vegas, Contact Pablo Rodriguez, Las Vegas FootGolf League (702) 614- 4653 or
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