Alarming News About MLM Network Marketing

A lucrative alternative to the tiny checks, rising advertising costs and high attrition rates in ( MLM Network Marketing gains popularity amongst existing and prospective home business entrepreneurs. Corporate Executives are realizing that this model is a great alternative to owning their own lucrative business from home that is a lucrative entrepreneurial business venture that can assist them in earning six or multiple six figures from home.

Roxbury, NJ, July 03, 2007 --( Aniko' Fekete, a Home Business Development Expert and Professional Marketing Consultant is pleased to announce this breakthrough report (paste this link into url: which reveals how home business entrepreneurs have made a few shifts in their current business set up and have been achieving the results that they have been promised and seeking for years. This breakthrough report is a must for anyone in the home business, mlm network marketing industry that is interested in achieving a lucrative business from home.

Corporate executives are making shifts after reading this new concept and business model. Six and multiple six figures are being achieved within one year by serious home business entrepreneurs.

The MLM Network Marketing industry is changing rapidly and the purpose of this is to assist home business entrepreneurs with proven facts or at least make them aware of some very unsettling insights that need immediate attention if the intention is to build a six figure annual income from home. This free report may anger some but more importantly it will benefit the serious entrepreneur and leader that is more interested in earning a six figure income this year.

Home Business Entrepreneurs are faced with an alarming uphill battle against cut-throat competition, rising advertising costs and an average customer/distributor retention rate that has dropped to an average of less than 3 months.

Building a full-time income, or even a residual income through network marketing business model in the internet age is like trying to fill a leaking bucket with 90% of the distributors spending more money then they'll make.

Frustrated entrepreneurs are struggling not knowing how to plug the leaky bucket and build a substantial income.

This brand new concept is being released and making its way throughout the industry to help those hard working entrepreneurs in the trenches fighting for tiny checks, spending countless hours on the internet, on the phone and driving to meetings. This new concept has reported earnings 15-20 times more with this business concept and model versus old school, traditional MLM, multi-level marketing business model.

Controversial, yet filled with common sense the following report was written by top industry experts and leaders. This is a must have free report, just released: (paste the following url: This is a report that is answering many questions and saving years of frustration, hard earned money and time.

Aniko' Fekete is a Professional Home Business Development Expert and Marketing Consultant. She mentors and coaches home business entrepreneurs and leaders throughout North America, Canada and UK to effectively build a successful, profitable business and market effectively.

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