Another Tellows Warning: Telemarketing in the Name of God

The Tellows international online community for phone numbers and free reverse number search is warning of a new fraud method in the US. Fake, self-declared preachers and other religious leaders are calling people throughout the US randomly, trying to persuade them to join their prayers group. Tellows aims to provide a free platform for those who suffer such unsolicited calls and offers its users the opportunity to exchange their experience and knowledge.

Los Angeles, CA, September 17, 2012 --( Tellows is back again to bring the latest news on a spam or even fraud method circulating in the US. Self-declared preachers are calling individuals who apparently are on their “prayers’ list,” claiming to know about the hardships they were going through and that they should join their so-called “prayer’s closet” to be saved. It might sound ridiculous in the first place, but not everybody is aware that this is an obvious rip-off attempt.

Tellows was reported namely the following preacher spam numbers:


Other spam numbers can be reported on Tellows!

The caller introduces himself as preacher or prophet or other religious leader. The calls have the following structure: first the caller says that God urged him to call. He claims to know that the person on the other end was going through difficult times. In the end he wants the called person to press a key and give him detailed personal information.

Here is a transcript of such a call:

"God urged me and spoke to me about praying for you, being a prayer partner,
being someone that’s standing on the sidelines praying that every day your needs will be met.

"If you’re ready to join my prayer closet where I pray over thousands and you are the only one that’s missing.

"I want you to press 0 so you can transfer, so I can transfer this call to the Prayer Closet and so this way I can have your information so I can begin to start praying for you non-stop.

"If you’re really ready press 0 right now because I know that your miracle is right around the corner.

"Your struggle will be over. Press 0 now to be transferred to the Prayer Closet."

View the video "Weird scam phone call" on source:

Phone calls of this kind have not only been reported to Tellows, but also to other blogs and websites dealing with this problem. However, the fake messiah seems to be operating only in the US so far.

One does not have to be a genius to notice that this is a scam call. Still, here is some advice:

* People should never tell anybody credit card details during a such a call, nor give any other personal information like name or address.
* People can ask the caller where he/she got your number from.
* People should ask the caller for her/his name, job title, company and telephone number.
* The telephone number of the call should be noted and reported to

Legitimate companies do contracts in a written way and never ask for personal details and financial matters on the phone.

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