New Insights Into Gas Company Phone Scams: Tellows Analyzing Their Deceptive Tactics

In the dynamic landscape of phone scams, gas company fraud has emerged as a significant threat, targeting consumers with increasingly sophisticated tactics. In response to this growing concern, tellows Insights, a leading source of caller information, unveils critical insights, statistics, and protective measures against these scams. - January 20, 2024

Latest Tellows Study - Unveiling the Surge in Amazon Phone Call Scams in Australia

In a recent investigative study, tellows, a prominent consumer protection platform (, exposes a concerning rise in phone scams related to Amazon in Australia. As scammers employ increasingly sophisticated tactics, it is crucial to address the evolving landscape and protect unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to fraudulent activities. - December 07, 2023

O2 One of the Scammers' Favourite Target - Tellows Publishes Unique Study - Fraud with Fake O2 Calls Increases Rapidly

Scams involving callers falsely claiming to be from O2 are on the rise. Meanwhile, most of most searched numbers are reviewed and identified as O2 scams. It is to be expected that it will continue to rise and that there will be an increased volume of fraud. In a unique study, tellows therefore examines and reported the most dangerous numbers related to O2 scams that are currently ranking on statistics to protect those called. - July 17, 2022

Many Assumptions About Telephone Fraud and Co. Are Not True; Reveals the Biggest Fallacies Regarding Telephone Scam

There are many statements regarding telephone fraud and telephone spam that are not true or not completely true. - July 01, 2020

Harassment Calls Take Over the United Kingdom: tellows’ Annual Report Reveals the Most Annoying Spam Types

Spam calls have been an annoying problem for a lot of people ever since and they do not seem to be decreasing in number in spite of new technologies. A large amount of phone owners still complains (and they have all the rights to do so) about the copious unwanted calls they receive every day. No... - January 18, 2020

Phone Spam Study – Colombia Reports the Most Callers

2019 has seen an increased volume of phone fraud around the world. The internet can be considered the most effective way of gathering the most relevant details about this alarming issue. Online portals are one of the most widely used methods of reporting spam phone numbers. The information shared... - December 15, 2019

All About the tellows Android App Redesign

Lastest tellows Android app update, including Menu redesign and new features. New Introduction and tutorials for users. Published in December 2019 and available in different languages. - December 08, 2019

Tellows Reports on the Latest Threat from Phone Fraudsters

This type of scam has been increasingly reported on the Tellows platform in recent times. This press release describes the scam and advises how to avoid falling victim to it. - August 12, 2019

Big News for the Tellows App for Android

A overview of the latest update of tellows Android app. - June 07, 2019

Fighting Phone Spam with Tellows Applications

The consumer protection platform works on solutions to put a stop to unwanted phone calls. With the new iPhone app, identifying incoming calls is easier than ever and helps people to be protected on the go. - January 23, 2019

New Consumer Protection Rules in the UK

Ofcom has recently strengthened the consumer protection rules. The changes are made in order to provide more protection against nuisance calls, call ID spoofing, and other types of telephone frauds. The new rules came into force in the beginning of this month. informs about the... - October 21, 2018

tellows Supports Projects for Scientific Research and Development

Tellows, the free telephone caller ID service, has developed its own API to facilitate the development of apps and programs. The tellows API contains the database of millions phone numbers in over 40 countries. This gives students, researchers and companies the opportunity to design their own project using the tellows API. - July 18, 2018

tellows’ Caller ID Protects Against Unwanted Calls on iPhone and Android

It gets annoying when the phone rings and at the other end a salesman, a marketing peddler or a subscription cheat steals valuable time. The tellows caller identification and blocking apps put a stop to that. Over 400,000 active users a day rate phone numbers online. As a result, malicious phone... - February 15, 2018

Spam-Reporting Site Tellows Welcomes Translatlantic Team-Up Against Caller Identification Spoofing

21st October 2013 brought good news for all phone-owners as British regulator Ofcom joined forces with international regulators in the UK, USA and Canada to crack down on "spoof" callers. - November 25, 2013

Calling Strangers: Telephone Scam Targets Facebook Users

With an increasing number of people taking to social networking sites as a tool to stay in touch with acquaintances, they have become a popular target of scammers and fraudsters. In one of the latest telephone scams, strangers contact people on Facebook in an attempt to persuade them to call a certain number. - September 21, 2013

Senior Citizens: A Popular Target of Telephone Scammers

With senior citizens constituting an increasing portion of the US population, a scam method targeting elderly people is still in avid practice. The so-called "grandma scam" attempts to exploit the caring and trustful manner of grandparents with con artists posing as grandchildren in need of financial aid. Users of the anti-spam community Tellows have been frequently reporting numbers perpetuating the scam. - September 19, 2013

Students as the Perfect Victims for Phone Scamming - What Tellows Found Out About New Fraud Methods

A huge business developed around the possibility of generating money through phone scamming. The all time favourite "customers" targeted for the deception are students that are willing to join new ways of communicating, unaware of the dangers that come along the the use of mobile phones. - September 19, 2013

The Tech Support Scammers and Their Dubious Cold-Calls - Tellows Helps Out

As many people often trust the instructions of tech-savvies, a whole industry of scammers dedicated their business to mislead consumers by pretending to offer tech support. can help out. - April 18, 2013

Another Tellows Warning: Telemarketing in the Name of God

The Tellows international online community for phone numbers and free reverse number search is warning of a new fraud method in the US. Fake, self-declared preachers and other religious leaders are calling people throughout the US randomly, trying to persuade them to join their prayers group. Tellows aims to provide a free platform for those who suffer such unsolicited calls and offers its users the opportunity to exchange their experience and knowledge. - September 17, 2012

Tellows Warning: Fraudulent Sky Callers Want Your Bank Details

The phone number community makes it possible for consumers to enter information and comments on numbers, besides others, on,,,,, and In this way, Tellows shall prevent consumers from being deceived. - September 11, 2012

Tellows Warning: New US Green Card Lottery Scam

Several cases of Green Card fraud attempts have been reported to the Tellows community against phone spam. Anonymous callers are trying to convince people that they won a Green Card Lottery. This scam method came up during the last months and meanwhile flourishes in a worldwide manner. The Tellows anti-spam community is trying to bring about information against phone spam and scam. - July 28, 2012

Tellows Report: PPI Claims Phone Scam to Strike UK

Several cases of PPI fraud attempts have been reported to the Tellows community against phone spam. Anonymous callers are trying to convince people that they are owed money for an unclaimed PPI insurance. This scam method came up during the last months and flourishes in a worldwide manner. Meanwhile, anti-spam communities, such as Tellows are trying to bring about a recipe against phone spam and scam. - July 26, 2012

Tellows Score Launched – Rating Annoying Phone Spammers and Scammers Worldwide

The Tellows international online community for phone numbers and free reverse number search uses an easy to handle and helpful number label for trustworthy or dangerous telemarketing and spam numbers. It aims to provide a free platform for those who suffer unsolicited calls and offers its users the opportunity to exchange their experience and knowledge. The more dubious a number, the higher its Tellows score. - May 31, 2012

Tellows Goes International - Free Reverse Number Search for 18 Countries

Tellows' online community on phone numbers extend its services throughout the world. - May 17, 2012

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