DTR Inc.’s CEO, Jay Goldberg, Teaching New Adult Education Rock Music History Course at Jupiter HS

A new course titled, The Year in Music: 1907 to 1977 was created by and is being taught by Jay Goldberg in the adult education program at Jupiter High School.

Jupiter, FL, September 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- DTR Inc.’s CEO, Jay Goldberg, is adding a new course to his standard offerings in the community education program at Jupiter High School. In addition to his “Computer and Internet Basics” course, and his entrepreneurship course, “How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business,” Mr. Goldberg has developed a course, focusing on his first love, music.

The course is titled, “The Year in Music: 1970 to 1977,” and if successful, will be followed up with courses covering additional eight year timeframes, up to the present day, and back to 1962.

The course is eight lectures with each night’s class covering one year in rock music. Students will relive, or discover for the first time, the key moments in rock music history for each year. Some events will bring back memories; others will surprise. During this time in rock music there were many significant major events. From the breakup of the Beatles; to the deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Elvis Presley and others; to the U.S. government's fight to depart John Lennon; to the proliferation of big-venue, multi-band concerts; to the clear divergence between top 40 singles and album rock; to the emergence of punk/new wave which eventually leads to a split of rock into mainstream and alternative, to the beginnings of disco; and much much more, these seven years were very significant in the history of music.

Students will get to follow each year’s calendar day to day to get clear sense of how the rock music history of that time unfolded. The course also covers for each year: What were the top 40 singles? What albums have stood the test of time according to a large group (over 5,400) of music lovers? What bands folded? What bands were started? In addition to lecture, this course includes live footage and music for a few of the top singles and albums for each year; and a group discussion on the music from this time that was and is meaningful to the students in the class.

Sign up for this course, and Mr. Goldberg’s other courses, in Jupiter are from September 18, 2012 thru September 20, 2012 and September 24, 2012 to September 27, 2012 at Jupiter High School.

In addition, Mr. Goldberg is also teaching his entrepreneurship course, “How to Start, Grow and Manage a Business” in the community education program at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach this term. Sign up for that course is the same dates as the courses at Jupiter High School, but at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach.
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