Great Rivers Greenway Puts Missouri Trails on the Move with SteadyRain

SteadyRain continues its long-time partnership with Great Rivers Greenway, launching the mobile counterpart to the organization’s official site,

St. Louis, MO, September 14, 2012 --( SteadyRain, a full-service digital agency located in St. Louis, Missouri, continues its long-time partnership with Great Rivers Greenway, launching the mobile counterpart to the organization’s official site, The mobile website focuses on locating the District’s Greenways and Trails relative to the mobile visitor’s location.

Great Rivers Greenway, a public organization developing an interconnected system of trails and greenways to make the region a better place to live, encompasses St. Louis City and County and St. Charles County.

As a local organization dedicated to sustainability, the Great Rivers Greenway’s main site required complex initiatives that are best described through imagery and in-person discovery. In November 2011, SteadyRain launched the Greenway’s new site, which now serves as a centralized source for information on upcoming initiatives and ongoing projects related to Great Rivers Greenway.

As a result of the site redesign and the Greenway’s emphasis of in-person exploration, SteadyRain worked with the Greenway to create a mobile experience that provided navigational ease of local trails. In order for trail-goers to truly benefit from the information available on the main site, trail information would need to be available where trail visitors frequent most often - on the trail.

“Steady Rain has been a great partner with us over the years and the mobile website is a wonderful addition to Great Rivers Greenway’s online presence,” said Todd Antoine, Deputy Director at Great Rivers Greenway. “The mobile website allows residents and visitors to explore the region’s trails and greenway amenities providing more reasons to discover and appreciate our great outdoors.”

One unique feature on the mobile website is the Trail Finder application, which locates visitors’ closest accessible trails based on the visitors’ specific geolocation. If a visitor is looking for a specific trail that may or may not be close by, the visitor also has the option to search for trails via zip code.

SteadyRain understands the necessity to having a mobile presence, especially with organizations related to recreation, tourism and travel industries. SteadyRain’s ongoing dedication to these industries continues to grow. In 2012 alone, the Great Rivers Greenway mobile site is SteadyRain’s fourth design and development project related to Conservation, Nature, Tourism, and Recreation, which serves as part of SteadyRain’s CNTR (Conservation | Nature | Tourism | Recreation) Alliance.

“This was a project that we originally conceived over a year ago, but was pushed due to the redevelopment of the website last year,” said Thompson Knox, Executive Vice President at SteadyRain. “But it was a priority this year for Great Rivers Greenway as they continue the push to inform the region about the fantastic work they have already accomplished in the area. Constituents can now visit an optimized site experience from their smart phones and be shown the trail resources Great Rivers Greenway has worked so hard to make available to all of us.”

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