Tses Village Council Appoints Winplan Town and Regional Planning Consultants for the Re-Planning of the Village of Tses

Tses is due to experience rapid growth due to the recently announced development of Tses Glass in Tses which is estimated to effect a creation of more than 47,000 direct jobs in Tses alone, with more than 230,000 indirect job opportunities throughout Namibia.

Tses, Namibia, September 15, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Tses Village Council has selected and appointed Winplan CC, Windhoek-based town and regional planning consultants, to re-plan and re-design Tses for the consideration from the current Village status to City status.

The recently announced development of the glass manufacturing factory in Tses by Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd is estimated to effect a creation of more than 47,000 direct jobs in Tses alone with more than 230,000 indirect job opportunities throughout Namibia.

"Given the fact that there are on an average about 5 people per each household in Namibia, then the total number of expected employees of Tses Glass factory alone in Tses is expected to cause more than 240,000 new residents in the Tses area, with all these will need more basic services, supplies, and infrastructure for their daily living." States Ivan Vries, CEO of Tses Village Council.

"When you look at the total number of employees expected in Tses for the planned Tses Glass factory, you are looking at the need of more than 40,000 ervens, which translates to a total need of 100 extensions in Tses over the years. And this could make Tses to become the size of Walvisbay and Swakopmund, all together combined," says Gerhard van der Merwe, Managing-Director of Winplan Town and Regional Planning Consultants.

Tses Glass is being developed to have all four separate manufacturing plants in a single location Tses; to constitute 7 million net ton of Flat Glass, 7 million net ton of Container Glass, 1 million net ton of Fiber Glass, and 5 million net ton of Ultrathin Glass; for a gross annual total of 20 million net ton capacity, making it the largest dynamic glass manufacturing plant in the world.

"Namibia is a beautiful country with a multi-contrast landscape; the northern part is different from the west, so as the central part from the north-eastern part. We hope to help give the southern Namibia a transformed face, with an awesome unique catalog, so that when you get there, you'd think that you're somewhere else," States Danny Kamunoko, Managing-Director of SDS Group.

Since the Village of Tses is identified as the growing point for Tses Glass Manufacturing Project to be established, it's expected that the Village will encounter a high level of re-planning and designing of the existing Village into a Town/ City status.

With the Technical Proposal for the re-planning for a new unique Town establishment for Tses it will positively contribute towards the creation of a better living environment for the inhabitants, whilst at the same time provides opportunities for the influx of other investors (also) through the viability of Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd within the area.

"The idea is to create a conducive environment to lure upstream and downstream investors to Tses. It is of importance and a dire need for Tses Village Council to jointly with their partners implement for the re-planning of Tses in terms of expansions of service networks, land, and more," says Mr. Brain Gaoseb, Chairperson of Tses Village Council and Chairman of Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd.

The possible phases to be followed in the planning process are;
(a) Planning procedures - setting the vision and development framework
(b) The need and desirability for a town establishment (NAMPEB)
(c) Subdivision of Townlands (NAMPEB)
(d) Submission of the Masterplan layout to the Townships Board for approval by the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Rural Development
(e) Statutory procedures regarding the proclamation of the new Tses and the registration of those new ervens.

The actual re-planning of the new face of Tses will be based and determined on the outcome of the Tses Glass Feasibility Study and the Environmental Impact Assessment Study.

On October 14, 2012; the Directors of Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd which includes Mr. Ivan Vries, Mr. Danny Kamunoko, Mr. Alfinus Swartbooi, Mr. Simon Kapenda, Mr. Karl Eiseb, and Mr. Brain Gaoseb, will travel to Siemens headquarter offices in Germany for a Special Meeting with Siemens and GHS Glass Executives, and other suppliers from all across Europe for the planning and development of Tses Glass.

About Tses Village Council
Tses Village Council is the administration authority of the Village of Tses in Southern Namibia under the Ministry of Local Government, Housing and Rural Development of the Republic of Namibia.

About Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd
Tses Glass (Pty) Ltd is a Namibia-based premier company involved in an integrated glass production with its headquarter offices and base of production operation to be based in Tses, Namibia. The Company is a joint-venture between Groot Group, Tses Village Council, SDS Group, and Nissi Group. Tses Glass plans to have an annual gross production capacity of 20 million net tons of glass, making it the largest dynamic glass manufacturing plant in the world. Follow the Tses Glass Manufacturing Plant development on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tsesglass.
Tses Village Council
Mr. Ivan Vries, CEO