Voyage Manager Adds VM Alert to Its Market Leading Suite

Voyage manager Ltd, a technology company that specializes in travel monitoring and tracking solutions, has recently announced the addition of its leading VM Alert service to its VM suite.

Cambridge, United Kingdom, September 18, 2012 --( Voyage Manager has since its inception provided the most advanced travel tracking and travel monitoring systems on the market. VM Travel Tracker is the only completely automated travel tracker in the world, and VM Locate, the location tracking service provides unparalleled device and phone tracking services.

To complement Travel Tracker, Locate and the other tools within the VM suite, Voyage Manager has recently added VM Alert to its comprehensive suite of travel and safety products. VM Alert is a highly automated and highly advanced risk, incident and alert management service.

VM Alert provides travellers and security personnel with the latest threat levels for all countries, as well as providing up to date incident and alert notifications from a number of global data sources.

VM Alert collects information from major foreign offices as well as several health and medical services. The system integrates with the US State Department, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office as well the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to name some of the governmental sources. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) are amongst the providers of health and medical updates.

VM Alert can also support clients wanting to use alert information from security and evacuation companies such as Red24, Control Risks Group, International SOS and Drum Cussac. Thanks to the flexibility that was engineered into VM Alert the service can support any data source the customer may require.

With the addition of VM Alert to the VM Travel Tracking and Safety suite Voyage Manager has pushed travel safety to a new level.

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Voyage Manager is a Cambridge, UK based travel technology company specializing in automated travel tracking, and monitoring solutions.

Voyage Manager supplies online solutions that provide businesses with a flexible, easy to use and cost efficient platform for managing, monitoring and tracking employee travel.

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