Yun FIT’s Jason Yun Completes Insane Workout—1,000 Burpees in a Row

Yun FIT founder and body transformation expert Jason Yun recently completed a workout that most people wouldn’t even dream of attempting—1,000 burpees in a row.

Columbus, OH, September 17, 2012 --( If you’re unfamiliar with the “dreaded” burpee, it’s a full-body exercise that takes the performer from a standing position—to a squat position—to a front plank position—to a push-up—and back up into a jump.

So, why would anyone attempt this crazy feat? “I have been watching videos about a 50-hour marathon workout where participants are challenged—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—by former and current Navy Seals. I decided I wanted to do it,” Yun explains. “But, since I couldn’t go do it right now, I decided to challenge myself with something else—1,000 burpees!”

“Everybody needs a challenge to feel alive,” Yun continues. “I don’t recommend 1,000 burpees for everyone, but find something that is truly challenging for you and do it! The satisfaction I felt just in finishing was awesome.”

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Jason Yun is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Sports Nutritionist. He owns Yun Strength and Fitness Systems, LLC, and runs YUN FIT in Columbus, Ohio.

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