Finally, New Help with Menstrual Cramps and Bleeding

Newly Published Self Flush Guide Introduces Easy, Free Way to Reduce Period Problems

East Providence, RI, September 15, 2012 --( Finally, Help with Menstrual Cramps and Bleeding: Newly Published Self Flush Guide Introduces Easy, Free Way to Reduce Period Problems

In the Self Flush Guide (Amazon Kindle) author Lori Green teaches women how to perform an easy technique she discovered years ago that reduces menstrual pain and bleeding problems – all in the comfort of a warm bath.

Painful periods have plagued girls and women for centuries, with “cures” like medications, douches, herbal remedies and dietary recommendations providing some relief, but not without possible complications. In the Self Flush Guide book Green shares an easy, painless, free remedy that she discovered by accident in her teens, one she calls the “self-flush” technique. It’s done in the bathtub, involves no devices, medications or agents other than simple tap water. “I show women how to move their body to work with the water to flush menstrual blood out,” says Green. “This simple technique dramatically relieves painful menstrual cramping and heavy bleeding the moment you perform it. And it’s all natural.”

Marina Rodriguez, MD, says: “This is an interesting concept that may well help many women with menstrual discomfort in a very natural way."

Green says she can’t understand why the self flush technique has never been taught before now. “There are millions of girls suffering more than they have to. I believe researchers will find other benefits to this technique if they study it.”

Lori Green, DBA Pink Tub LLC, self published her work and she can be found at, . She encourages young readers to share their experience through her face book page and is eager to interact with them to spread awareness.

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