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Nordic Ski Walking – The Simple Facts & Safety Truths

Glen Arbor, MI, July 05, 2007 --( Nordic Ski Walking poles help to turbo charge anyone’s walking campaign. Walking, hiking and trekking with poles makes walking much more effective by burning more calories and by utilizing all the major muscle groups. Walking with the correct length walking poles radically reduces the stress to the shins, knees, hips and back. Even individuals with severe balance issues, including MS & Parkinson’s find that walking with the correct length poles radically improves their stability and balance.

Over 6 million Europeans are Nordic Walking.

After hosting hundreds of Nordic Ski Walking Clinics, Pete Edwards the owner/founder/coach of Nordic Walking Poles launched The American Nordic Walking System. The American Nordic Walking System is based on over 25 years of coaching experience - running, ski racing and more recently Nordic Ski Walking. Skiers do not use cheap twist-locking adjustable length poles and neither should you.

One-piece Nordic Walking poles are safer, lighter and more durable than twist-locking adjustable/telescoping/adjustable poles.

Disadvantages of Twist-Locking Adjustable Length Poles:
A quick review of the past users of twist-locking poles indicates that these adjustable length poles proved to be a hassle - while one-piece poles are user friendly and hassle free. Twist-locking poles tend to vibrate and rattle – Nordic Ski Walking should be a silent sport. Often, individuals cannot get their twist-locking poles to maintain their desired length or if tightened, cannot get them to loosen. Real Nordic Ski Walking Poles come with real Nordic Walking Straps – kind of like a fingerless glove. Poles that have simple loop straps or no straps are not real Nordic Ski Walking poles. Many sporting goods stores are accidentally selling twist-locking snowshoe poles, ski poles and trekking poles as Nordic Ski Walking Poles too.

Many of’s new customers accidentally purchased adjustable poles (hiking/trekking/snow shoe/nordic walking) from less knowledgeable sources or were given them as well meaning gifts. Dozens of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gift recipients were given twist-locking poles and had problems with them (unexpected collapsing, one pole shortens a few inches while walking, twist locks break, poles totally pull apart and other issues) and ended up returning these twist-locking poles—then purchased our safer, lighter and more durable one-piece poles.

Seniors and individuals with balance issues should not use adjustable poles. Edwards states that he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if he scammed seniors and folks with balance issues into buying twist-locking poles.

All of us have had telescoping tools and/or tri-pods that proved totally uncooperative. Obviously, one-piece tools and tri-pods perform better, last longer and are hassle free.

The Many Myths About Twist-Locking Adjustable Length Poles:
Manufacturers of twist-locking poles make wild claims that their telescoping poles are necessary for travel, for climbing hills and coming down hills. As a ski coach, they don’t travel with twist-locking poles because the strength and durability of one-piece poles is superior. The claims that you need to shorten your poles for up-hills and lengthen your poles for the downhills are false also. With the correct technique and length, one-piece poles perform perfectly in all terrain and conditions. Perfect length poles are custom fit to each individual’s height. Walking with one-piece poles makes hill climbing amazingly easier. Coming down hills with those same perfect length poles and poles planted out in front radically reduces the stress to the knees.

Ski Racers don’t change poles at the base of a hill climb and there is no reason for Nordic Ski Walkers to change pole length either.

Nordic Ski Walking and Nordic Running:
Edwards and his family Nordic Ski Walk at least six days a week up mile-long Alligator Hill and their one-piece poles perform flawlessly on the climb and the return descent. These same one-piece poles are fantastic for Nordic Running on this same hilly trail as well as on the beach. Twist-locking poles are not made to withstand the added stress of Nordic Running.

Travel With Confidence:
When it comes to travel, twist-locking poles are perceived as better for travel – fitting into backpacks and suitcases. Please note the adjustable poles with one twist-lock mechanism are not recommended and poles with two twist-lock/telescoping mechanisms per pole doubles the hassle, inconvenience and safety risk. Traveling with one-piece poles packed in a padded pole bag is the best option and the only option recommended by The American Nordic Walking System. Ski racers know this simple fact when traveling with their favorite race skis and race poles.

Americans Deserve The Best & The Safest:
From his experience as the USA's most active Nordic Ski Walking coach, Edwards has found that the best poles and safest poles for all Americans are one piece poles - not twist-locking adjustable poles. The Finns never envisioned using adjustable poles for Nordic Ski Walking and/or Nordic Running - they use sturdy one-piece designs that are durable and user friendly. Please note that when individuals bring their twist-locking adjustable poles to his clinics they don't like the twist-lock mechanism. One lady told a class of 40 enthusiastic Nordic Walkers that she super-glued her $140 titanium Leki poles the night before because they kept slipping.

Happy Customer Comments:
Edwards receives hundreds of thank you cards and emails each moth. Here are just a few examples of the wonderful feedback Edwards has received:

Pete - I am super pleased with your nordic ski walking poles. I read your comments about "adjustable" poles and you are so right. I purchased a pair of adjustable walking poles less than a month ago from a large retail chain store. The adjustable poles would not stay locked
Have a good day,

Thanks for your honesty and help with my walking pole order. I returned the telescoping trekking poles from REI that I received for Father’s Day and purchased your one-piece poles in the perfect length for me. You have a wonderful, hassle-free product.
Keep up the good work,

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