Keenga Research Puts Results Online

Salt Lake City, UT, July 05, 2007 --(, the leading research company of entrepreneur based reviews on venture capital companies, today announced that it had put all of its research results to date online for public access. The information, which formerly could only be purchased in a report, brings together over 600 existing reviews. maintains a series of tools aimed at entrepreneurs to help in raising capital. In developing this survey, the company consulted with more than 30,000 entrepreneurs.

“The data was generated by our user base and we’ve historically kept it in house for access to only our paying client base. We’ve posted them online in the hope of generating additional reviews in order to ultimately create a comprehensive database that will contain statistically relevant data on every firm” said CEO/President Anthony Woods.

To find out more, visit or contact Keenga directly at 1-800 822 2466. The company welcomes any entrepreneur to come to the site and complete a survey or review survey results. More products are being developed by the company to assist entrepreneurs, and these will be made available in the coming weeks.


Keenga is the entrepreneur’s field guide to venture capital and private equity. Keenga Research launched at the end of 2004 with the goal of becoming the guide to venture capital and private equity firms. Since early 2005, Keenga has created the world’s largest database of information about venture and private equity-backed entrepreneurs. To date, they have polled over 30,000 entrepreneurs and created the world’s richest set of statistically significant entrepreneur feedback about the venture capital and private equity firms who back them.

Their History and Their Commitment

Keenga Research was founded at The Grille restaurant at the Harvard Business School during a Major League Baseball playoff game where one of the founders had the Moneyball-inspired idea that great entrepreneurs and the private equity investors who back them are similar to professional baseball players. All require a strong team for support. Funding is often a prerequisite for success. Teamwork, individual leadership and great partnerships create results. In baseball, statistics are available for every facet of the game. Analysts, managers and owners can quickly and easily make important decisions about players based on reliable data. Similarly, in public equity investing, statistics about the performance of companies, funds, and investment managers are also widely available. However, until now, private equity investing information has been incredibly scarce. Keenga is committed to making key information about the private equity industry available to key decision-makers when they need it most.

Anthony Woods
800 822 2466